Pelosi Whimpers “Uncle” Regarding Proxy Voting

Townhall – Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) ripped House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s attempt to change the voting rules at the eleventh hour. Or, rather, at the 2 o’clock in the morning hour. The Democrat wanted to introduce proxy voting for their upcoming vote on the Payment Protection Program to protect the health of lawmakers during the coronavirus, she claimed. But Republicans weren’t having it.

“You saw an effort yesterday, by Nancy Pelosi—in secret at 2:30 in the morning—to drop a document to literally change the way Congress has voted for over 200 years. To go to some proxy system that had never been vetted,” Scalise said. “Was not a bipartisan effort.” [snip]

After some debate, Pelosi finally gave up the stunt.

Read it here.

This unconstitutional change to how the House votes resulted in this Tweet from Rep Steve Scalise (R-LA):

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  1. President Trump maliciously attacked Nancy Pelosi when he donated one of his predidential salary checks to alcohol Anonymous

  2. …he’s got a point but they all vote how Pelosi tells them to anyway, so at the end of the day she may as WELL proxy for the rest of them because that’s how it will come out…

    The only difference between the House and the Reichstag in 1933 is that Pelosi hasn’t burned it down.


    …but she’s very much Chancellor Hitler to President Trump’s Hindenburg at this point, except she’s a bit more evil and satan hasn’t told her to make her move yet…

  3. ode # 2 to pees-loosely
    .a congressional-t**t & a fossil
    .spewed s**t from out of her a**-hole
    .she wiped from the back,
    .it went up her c**ck,
    .she had to scoop out with a shovel!

  4. So we the people don’t need representatives to fraudulently represent us, if calling in a vote is okay, why not just let we the people call in our own vote on things???

  5. Could Pelosi be trying to replace Biden at the convention?….Woudn’t that be sumptin’…

  6. Steve Scalise is an American Hero

    Raw vid of that day on a baseball field in Alexandria, VA.

    Play LOUD and full screen and count the rounds…I stopped counting…at thirty plus and hear the ricocheting…@4:00

    Nancy Piglosi, on the otherhand is a worthless piece of shit.

  7. So if they can phone it in let’s cut their salary, stop all the expensive trips they take , and cut their pensions.

    If they don’t need to be there we don’t need to pay them

  8. Larrytheenlightenedliberal MAY 29, 2020 AT 6:39 PM

    AA does not accept donations from non-members and one of his pay checks would exceed their limitation number…

  9. I’ve been saying for years they should proxy vote from their home offices. The military can make it secure, and then when I can’t even get a form letter back from Sasse when I email him, I can drive right over to his office and have a talk.

    Get these fucking assholes back in their districts and let them hear us face to face. And it will also keep all the failed congresshitheads that have become lobbyists, like Ben Nelson that gave us Obomacare, and is now an insurance lobbyist, from being able to get to them at all times.

    We also won’t have to pay their inflated housing costs in that “shithole third world country” DC.

    Other than that, term limits. Now.

  10. if they ain’t there, they should be furloughed.
    They’re not doing anything but sucking up hard earned US taxpayers’ money.


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