Pelosi’s “Deplorables” Moment?

Why Trump Told ‘The Squad’ of 4 U.S. Lawmakers to Go Back Where They Came From.

24 Comments on Pelosi’s “Deplorables” Moment?

  1. These hate filled, communist bints are so obviously
    blinded by their spite and loathing for America that
    they cannot see or understand they are destroying
    the camouflage of the rest of the socialists that
    call themselves “democrats”. It’s all out in the open
    now; revealed by the idiot, adoring MSM
    The 2020 election will be a rout of these disgraceful despots.

  2. @LocoBlancoSaltine

    “I’ll wager one hundred thousand dollars they couldn’t change a tire if their lives depended on it…”

    If the pay is right they’ll say anything except that Omar gets paid in goats! How far anti-American will they go and Trump’s plan (not for the sensitive) to label, freeze, and weaponize them (a la Alinisky) is working. The House is now on record including the McCain caucus.

  3. Since they all are either ignorant tools of the devil or nefarious hollow shells possessed by the devil Trump meant they should go back to hell from whence they came.

  4. I thought Trump had referred to the home districts of the ‘4 horsewomen of death to America’, as horrid examples of left failure, just before he said for them to go back where they came from.

    Therefore, I took his meaning to be go back to your home districts and clean them up, before you critic America. Their bad experiences in their home districts are NOT typical America.

  5. President Trump needs to sign a Presidential proclamation decrying the blatant racist hate mongering Democrats in congress!

  6. Gee Nancy are you what the dems consider a leader? You can’t seem to manage this putrid gaggle of mud slinging cunts.
    Given you lax views on public behavior as seen in California can we expect them to leave their bowel movements on the floor of the house?

  7. One of the amusing moments in a parade is when the horses drop their manure on the roadway and there is an accompanying clown with a broom and bucket to clean it up! The mad squad of color is the horses and Pelosi is the bucket wielding clown!

  8. Go back where you came from, love it or leave it, reverse immigration, get the fuck out. Covers it all, works for me. “Just do it”.

  9. There are just the tip of the Moslem Iceberg of Hate.
    Trojan Horses “placed” in Congress to bring down the country…
    beginning with Civil War 2.0

    “Wake up, America or die in your sleep.”

  10. Odd’s Squad. I’m throwing the name adjustment around
    as “squad” makes these evil wights sound military
    instead of crazy/demonic.


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