Pelosi’s Son’s Ex-Girlfriend Claims Forced Abortion, Abuse, Weaponizing CPS, Massive Fraud

National File – The former girlfriend of Nancy Pelosi’s son, Paul Pelosi Jr., is suing him over alleged fraud regarding her property, and spoke exclusively to National File about the nature of their relationship.

Karena Feng, a Taiwan-born woman living in San Francisco, alleges that Paul Pelosi Jr. was “abusive” to her, that he forced her to have an abortion by threatening her life, that he conducted foreign business while claiming to be a representative of Nancy Pelosi, and that he engineered Child Protective Services’ seizure of Feng’s four children. Feng supports her claims with text messages and documents presented in this article below.


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17 Comments on Pelosi’s Son’s Ex-Girlfriend Claims Forced Abortion, Abuse, Weaponizing CPS, Massive Fraud

  1. Weaponizing CPS for the purpose of removing children from their home and mother is such a despicable act I can’t even come up with an appropriate punishment without sounding like an extremist.

  2. “…Forced Abortion, Abuse, Weaponizing CPS, Massive Fraud…”

    …so, he’s a Democrat, then?

    …Why are you suprised, girl, its what they DO…

  3. While this story is tragic, it is not surprising. Pelosi is totally corrupted by absolute power, so I would expect nothing less from her son and everyone else around her.

    What else is not surprising is that there will be no punishment for this man. In fact, he will not be indicted for anything. It’s San Francisco, and California, you know.

    My advice Karena, get out before you commit suicide…

  4. This really isn’t that surprising. Take a look into any other commie/demorat’s family in the U.S. Begin with Dingy Harry’s.

    Birds of a feather and all that.

  5. …as for CPS, the only reason Democrats make ANY agency is to use it to legitimize their control over people. CPS is no different.

    ALL their decisions are political decisions. If they don’t have a specific dog in the hunt, the default is “Men Are Bad”, but they ALSO get to make sure BOTH parents keep up the Democrat indoctrination in lil’ Johnny, or they’ll take him away and give him to folks that WILL.

    …that’s why they’ll STILL go after HER, Gran Nan is just too powerful…

  6. I am with you joe6pak!!! A thousand thumbs up for your comment. Leave the children out of it. They don’t deserve to be put in a dangerous situation. May God scorch those who did this.

  7. I sent this to BFH with the disclaimer that she has a few screws loose. But…if 1/1024th of what she is saying is true, it doesn’t look good for Pelosi.


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