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Pence Going For 2024?


Will He Challenge Trump?

Did Mike Pence just drop a hint about his future?

If so, then it would explain why Pence was so quick to turn on President Trump.

Many Constitutional experts believe that Pence had the authority to help determine which electors sent to Congress were the real ones.

At the very least, he could have shown support for the Electoral Count Act.

He could have also backed the initial demands for a 10-day audit.

Instead, Pence appeared to stab President Trump in the back.

And now… we know why.

It is being reported that Pence is forming a fundraising group.

This is the strongest indicator yet that Pence wants to run in 2024.

It is likely that President Trump may also throw his hat in the ring.

If this happens, will Pence fight against his former boss? more

40 Comments on Pence Going For 2024?

  1. He had us all fooled Claudia. Let’s wait and see what happens. Pence couldn’t handle what would happen to him, IF he tried to run. And I don’t mean what Trump would do, I mean what the DS would do. Unless, he is already a part of it. Hmmmm.

    Pray every day!

    God Bless us all!!

  2. You’ll be primaried. We know you’re a weak kneed RINO. There are 4-6 potential candidates that will beat you and the Demon-crat candidate. If our President runs as an independent, you’ll be buried.

  3. Is he completely Tone Deaf? The left always hated him, and always will, and now the right considers him a traitor. What a maroon.

  4. …no one who didn’t believe the system was rigged would run Pence, just more proof that he not only KNOWS that Dominion selects presidents, but he’s IN on it as well…

  5. MJA, that damn Ted Cruz almost sounds like a guy that has a chance to be somebody, but then the no good SOB comes out. What a shithead!

  6. Ain’t gonna happen. Rumor started by the left to block blubberin, blabberin, bird brained Biden’s cataclysmic blunders.

  7. It’s a “Deep State” financial move…..

    Candidates can get donations…..

    He’ll get consulting gigs……

    He’ll get book deals……

    Follow the big tech and big business money.

  8. Come on folks, don’t you know how it works by now?

    Mike “Judas” Pence is the one, possibly only candidate that will for sure lose to “Dementia” Joe Biden in 2024!

    Just like in 2012 when Mittens “Wipe That Off Your Chin” Romney played sacrificial lamb to the “Jug Eared Narcissist” Barry Soetoro.

  9. Eh. Rino Niki Haley is also going for it. Another ‘eh’.

    Trump, Cruz, Jorden, Nunes – they’re the ONLY ones we can trust.

  10. Either he is high on something, or made a deal with the RINOs.
    Either way, he is not going to get that far in the primaries.
    He might become the Jeb Bush of 2024.

  11. What a disappointment he is.
    He seemed really good during Trump’s term. Then when some states asked him to review the election he caved. Like SCOTUS and the cowardly swampy judiciary.
    I’ve come to think Pence and his staff were the source of leaks.

  12. What a fake weirdo he is anyhow.
    First time I saw him I thought he was frosty and phoney, but hey he seemingly stuck by Trump so I gave him the benefit of the doubt.

    Turns out my political nose can smell a piece of frosted plastic shit a mile away.

  13. Or, as a show of Unity…They’ll let Him Win …But He’ll remain a Puppet for

    the Deep State….”Oh look, a Fair Election!! See , We didn’t cheat at all”

  14. There’s big money in running.
    And (apparently) lots of tax hidey-holes.
    More perks the politicians voted themselves at the expense of We, the People.

    izlamo delenda est …

  15. Pence was the deep cover mole for the swamp during the Trump administration.
    The only thing that surprises me is how many people fell for this wooden prick’s sham. Trump’s loyal vp my ass.
    That fist bump with Mitch McConnell just before calling the delegate count should have told everyone what was about to happen.

  16. Pence – the invisible man.
    The only time he stepped into the spotlight, he soiled himself.
    Maybe he’ll get Mittens to be his running mate? Who knows?
    I’m done with the Republicrats. And the Demonrats are traitors.
    A pox on both their houses!

    izlamo delenda est …

  17. Pence is not getting my vote — what a disgrace for Indiana he turned out to be ! Dittos for that stab-in-the-back Senator Mike Braun.

  18. Remember General Flynn — you know, the guy who was going to help newly minted President Trump find the deep staters? Why was it that Pence helped tank General Flynn’s appointment? Hmmm. Why could that be?


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