Pence, Manchin, And Their Inner Marlon Brando

Blue State Conservative:

Jackson P. Chamberlain

I do impressions. I’m not Rich Little, but I carry a few off rather well. I generally only do them for my own amusement, but every now and then they do actually serve a purpose (at least in my own brain).

Lately I’ve been thinking about Mike Pence and Joe Manchin. Every time I do, I somehow slip into Marlon Brando. It’s sad, really.

No, not the impression – my Brando is pretty well spot-on. It’s sad because of the phrases that spring to mind each time Pence or Manchin enters my consciousness.

For Pence, it’s invariably “I could’a been somebody”.

Is there anyone to whom this phrase more aptly applies? Mike Pence was the heir apparent to the MAGA throne. He could easily have sat in the Oval Office as President in 2024, and he’d have had throngs of Trump supporters behind him all the way, just as The Donald does now.

Did you see how he calmly, professionally, and viciously destroyed Kamala Harris in the VP debate leading up to the 2020 election? It was like watching a surgeon cutting cancer from a brain. Monet putting brushes to canvas. Truly a thing of beauty. I’d long admired the man, and after that debate performance I’d have followed him to the gates of Hell and gladly walked right through them alongside him. more

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  1. My theory is that Pence is actually an Arquillian. If you could open his head up, you’d see a little man at the controls.

  2. Maybe DON'T Hand The Country To Election Stealing Communists Next Time, And Don't Order Your Security To Murder Unarmed Women If You DO, M'kay?

    General Malaise
    OCTOBER 27, 2021 AT 8:14 PM
    “If you could open his head up, you’d see a little man at the controls.”

    There sure are a lot of folks who would like to TRY.

    But I don’t think they care if anyone’s living in there when they START, as long as no one’s living in there when they FINISH.

    Just sayin’…

  3. From the article: “There is nothing on this planet that could make me cast a vote for Mike Pence ever again.”

    That goes for me, as well. Pence had his chance and he blew it — not because he tried and failed, but because he failed to try at all.

  4. Mike Pence may as well retire to a local job back home.
    He won’t get elected as dog catcher.

    Manchin always seems as if he’s just waiting for the right bribe before he goes along with the Dem votes.

  5. Well I’m going to go against the grain here and say I appreciate Manchin. Hell I’d vote for him before I’d vote for a ton of RINO’s. Same with Sinema. They’re both standing their ground in our best interest under relentless pressure. I might hate them next week, but like I say, I appreciate them more them Romney.

  6. Chamberlain’s got Manchin nailed spot on!

    guy’s always been a crapweasel from the day he entered the Senate. he’s Mr. Conservative until time to vote & he ALWAYS votes demonratzi … always (unless it’s election year, then he turns on the ‘I’m a man of principle’ garbage to garner enough votes back home.

    I pray he has seen the light & sticks to his stated principles … but, I’ve seen his ‘principles’ crumble once too often to trust him this, & any time.

    my great-grandpappy used to say, “if a dog bites you once, it’s the dog’s fault; if the dog bites you twice, it’s your fault”
    … poodle Manchin has bitten fingers too many times

  7. Pence and Manchin are politicians.
    Amoral. Unprincipled. Unscrupulous. Unethical.

    Politicians are whores by nature. Thieves. Miscreants. Perverts. Clever. Double-Dealing. Back-Stabbing. Lying. Dissimulating. Grasping.

    These two screamed “Look at ME!” and America looked, but they’re not really any different from the rest.

    We tend to expect the scrapings from the bottom of the Septic Tank to smell of roses! DC is America’s Septic Tank – and Capitol Hill is the Bottom of it.

    izlamo delenda est …

  8. Michael Pence is Deep State. In the Deep State, the way you stay protected and get ahead is that your fellow Deep Staters must have something incriminating against you. Deep Staters ALL have done something incriminating. It’s MAD Mutually Assured Destruction.

    In Michael Pences case he is a bisexual paedophile who fucks boys.

  9. Very sorry that Pence came from Indiana — he is nothing to be proud of.

    He is not the sex pervert as described above…. just a Christian, who wears his religion on his sleeve. But instead of being the courageous “Onward Christian Soldier” variety, Pence is the weak “turn the other cheek” variety.

    Tough times calls for courage, not appeasement.


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