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Pence Tells NATO Members To Keep Up Their End

In a speech confirming the worst fears of European socialists, Vice President Mike Pence told a gathering of NATO officials today that most of their nations weren’t doing enough to pay for their own defense.

Pence stated that only The United States and four European nations meet the 2% of GDP spending commitment for their own defense. “Those four countries are the UK, Estonia, Greece and Poland. The other 23 Nato [sic] members do not meet the target of spending 2% of GDP on defence [sic].”


“Earlier, Mrs Merkel said Germany would do “everything possible” to meet the NATO target for spending 2% of GDP on defence by 2024.”


 Gee, way to set an example for the rest of them,  Angela.

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  1. The NATO alliance has been one huge friggin ripoff and it’s time we pulled out, along with our ma$$$ive footprint in Europe. It is time to stop pi$$$$$ing away money on a countless number of stupid wasteful things. Bring the boys home, put them on the border.

  2. We will withdraw our forces from Germany in 2017, all they have to worry about is who will defend them from 2018 to 2024.

  3. With Trump there will be consequences to not abiding by the agreement/contract. 2024 isn’t good enough. He is laying the groundwork to take the appropriate corrective action while explaining his position directly to the American people. Brilliant strategy.

  4. Without America’s commitment to defend Europe during the Cold War, Europe would be under Russian rule. I wish people here had some understanding of how much American military force was used to keep the USSR at bay. Most Europeans speak English because there were so many American bases scattered all over Europe. Europe has lived under the protective umbrella of USAFE and the US Army and especially the Strategic Air Command for decades while sitting on their asses drinking tea and eating cheese.

  5. Germany will spend the obligated 2% sometime around the year 2024 and yet they have billions to spend on every Muslim that can get into the country by hook or crook! Trump should demand that they meet the 2% immediately and demand that they pay us back for the billions of dollars we spent on their defense for the past 70 years!

  6. DROP CASES OF GUNS / SILENCERS / AMMO to every Muslim resistance group in Europe, and then replicate for Muslims what they do to each other in their home countries.

  7. After two weeks of doing whatever they were doing to the great power Libya the British and French were out of bombs. Imagine what great little helpers they would have been against the USSR. Why are we still responsible for protecting their cheap, ungrateful asses?

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