Pencil Necked Michael Medved Offers Advice To Democrats In Order To Defeat the President in 2020

My Northwest-

“Trump, dare I say it, he has not been a successful president, I think he has been a dangerous president,” Medved told KIRO Nights. “I worry about the future with Trump. But we are going to be stuck with him unless the Democrats on Capitol Hill stop investigating and start legislating. We did not elect these folks to go to Washington and investigate Trump. People who voted for Democrats, and put Democrats in control of Congress, they want to see some action.”

“For people who worry about Trump — and we all should because he has a great deal of power, and I don’t think he has the intelligence, the ability, or the character to wield it effectively – for people who are concerned about his man, you have to vote him out of office,” Medved said. “But that is going to require some kind of credible alternative.”

“What Trump has to do if he wants to save his presidency, is now that this is behind him, turn around and pivot,” he said. “Try to be gracious. Try to be president of all the people. Find some stuff where you can work with the other side. They are not the enemy, they are your opponents.”


The good news is that this dope looks like death warmed over. His “elevens” appear to be up.

Listen, schmuck, the left is OUR ENEMY, not our “opponents.”

Drop dead. Please.

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  1. The f-stick went to school with hill-dog and stinkin’ panetta. Defends them to this day. He thinks obama was pres of all the people? The hell with him. Ashole

  2. I can’t take this shit anymore. Really, I fucking give up.
    Can you imagine these motherfuckers want Gen Mike Flynn in jainl?

  3. I used to respect him. I still (somewhere) have some of his early books, and they’re still good. But somewhere along the line, he became infected with the Never Trump TDS virus. Too bad.
    “Better to keep your mouth closed and be thought a fool, then to open it and remove all doubt”

  4. Jail. Shit!
    Mollett wanted to cause a race war and he’s OK. Fuck him he should be Keel hauled, tarred and feathered. My favorite sentence for scumbags.

  5. Hey geek face, if you want to see what is dangerous, just look in the mirror at a true, uninformed dumb-fuck that is self-absorbed in personal gratification combined with total stupidity and mind numbing ignorance that relentlessly votes democrat.

    P.S. @Moe Tom, don’t give up….that’s what they are hoping for while espousing their absurdity.

  6. Every now and then I would catch a bit of his show, he seemed to be offended if someone was having a good time. A full time scold. Even when I agreed with him on an issue, he would piss me off. Everyone who wasn’t as conservative as him was wrong and even if they were they were still wrong. Don’t miss his show at all.

  7. isn’t it ironic that the farther left these assholes drift, the more they start to resemble emperor Palpatine?

  8. The last thing I heard him say was a few years ago when he said that shutting down the government in the fight to defund abortion was not something the Republicans should do because people would get mad at them. I was shocked. If Republicans should not fight for one of their most important prinicles because people might get mad at them, then they should disband.

    I just do not understand the Never-Trump RINO’s.

  9. Medved is a sad case, like krystol, romney, mccain, flake, and the rest of the GOPe class.

    That said: hang ’em high.

  10. Was a McGovernite, once a bolshie, always a Commie. Always relied on polling data to support his views which are leftist neocon hebrew nationalist. Probably a dual citizen.

    Is that a recent photo? He had a neck cancer couple years ago maybe it’s back.

  11. Leftism is a mental disease and should be treated as such. Legion was the first example of how evil manifests as mental illness.

  12. the democrats want to kill babies, want to do away with the electoral college, and they want to spend 93 trillion dollars on the global warming hoax.

    and this guy says Trump is dangerous.

    how does anyone get so screwed up in the head.

  13. “So glad WIND AM Chicago replaced his show with Dr. Gprka’s show.”

    Hell, yes. Medved is gone from Atlanta, too. Welcome, Seb!

    And as an added bonus Gorka is in the same time slot here as Erick Erickson’s local radio show.

  14. “… I don’t think he has the intelligence, the ability, or the character to wield it effectively …”

    Give us a few instances, here, dude.

    I find President Trump highly intelligent, certainly able, and full up of “character.” In fact, not only a “man above men” but a “President above Presidents” – certainly the best President since President Reagan.

    As for “intelligence” he has bypassed, eluded, and side-stepped every dishonest attack (thus far) made by the enemies of America in our Press and in our “opponents” to Liberty in the Demonrat (Bolshevik) Party (which also speaks to ability).
    And as for “character” there is NO blight upon it.
    The last “president” we had was a know pervert, an anti-American mud-hut dweller, and a conspirator of malfeasance and treasons. And a known, and acknowledged, liar (to wit: “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor” which he knew to be a bald-faced lie – and only one of many).

    So – offer your proofs – or Shut The Fuck Up.
    Your mendacities weary me.

    izlamo delenda est …

  15. He used to guest host for Rush.
    Of course, I remember even Chris Matthews once guest hosted for Rush.

  16. He’s another self loathing Jew, I far prefer to listen to real committed orthodox Jews like Dennis Prager. When he was on the radio and I used to listen to him 20 or so years ago I would listen to G Gordon Liddy more than him. And he doesn’t look very good in that picture at all, he hasn’t aged well.

  17. Hey, Big. What’s the idea of using his autopsy picture BEFORE he’s dead?

    Wait until he’s beneath “God’s Green Earth.” 🙂

  18. When I lived in MN, I had two radio stations that ran Conservative talk shows. On my drive home from work, one station had Medved and the other one had Hannity. Can’t stand Medved’s anti-conservative politics (oh, I know he thinks he’s conservative; but he’s not) and I also can’t stand to listen to Hannity’s “I-love-everything-about-me” blathering.

    That’s when I found the “Truth for Life” show with Alistair Begg. What a pleasant drive home!

  19. Years ago Medved was a guest host for Rush Limbaugh. Then he got his own show, whiched seemed ok in the beginning. His show is no longer Kosher.

  20. WOW, I just checked and I did not know that the station that carried Medved now has Gorka. I’ll be tuning back in! I love IOTW!

  21. I am not familiar with this guy, but when liberals or RINO’s say things like “I worry about the future with Trump”[or without Trump] is what worries me about the future.

    Yeah, it’s always the children or the future.

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