Penis Enhancement Surgery Results In Death For The First Time Ever


Doctors say the surgery is rarely necessary.

One man’s penis enlargement surgery turned fatal has become a cautionary tale, with doctors in Sweden warning those desiring to enhance their manhood.

A healthy, 30-year-old man in Stockholm wanted to increase both the girth and length of his genitals using a process where fat is transferred from his belly to his penis. The man was one of 8,4000 people worldwide who seek to enhance their girth every year (statistics were not available on length since they are often done at the same time, like in this case, even though many doctors recommend against it).

A description of the case in the Journal of Forensic Sciences explained that surgeons had finished the elongation portion of the surgery and were in the enlargement part, which involved injecting the patient with two fluid ounces of his own fat cells, when things went wrong.   MORE

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  1. I’m no doctor, although I played doctor many years ago, but this bit of the article caught my eye:

    …things went wrong. The fat leaked into his veins and traveled to his lungs, which resulted in a lung embolism, rupturing his blood vessels.

    I really doubt that the fat leaked into those veins but rather was sloppily and accidentally injected into them. Those docs better have heavy-duty malpractice insurance.

  2. 🍆 Don’t worry about the size of your cock, just find a smaller woman. 🍆

    –Best advice EVER grandma!

  3. As one of my coworkers told me 35 years ago – it’s not the size of the ship that counts, it’s the motion of the ocean.

  4. Be happy with you have. It’s not like you are going to parade around with your penis in your hand …… well, unless you live in San Francisco, New Orleans or the NY pervert parade.

  5. “Instead, it is suggested that most patients seeking this elective surgery suffer from body dysmorphic disorder and cannot accurately see their bodies.”

    That’s some kind of phobic, isn’t it? If you identify as a man with a huge schlong shouldn’t medical science be obligated to provide you with one?

  6. They were just transplanting soft, jiggly belly FAT into the sides of his penis?

    Hmmm. Somehow I think the female/s in his future would have been a tad disappointed when he unzipped his new 8-inch “Pillsbury Doughboy”.

  7. I thought that most male manhoods were enhanced automatically when encountering a naked female!

  8. Reminds me of the time I picked up a gal in a bar and took her to a motel. After we got undressed, she looked down at my private parts and started laughing.

    I said, “What’s so funny?”

    She pointed and replied, “And who do you expect to satisfy with THAT?”

    I said, “Me.”


    (old joke, I know)

  9. Advice from grandpa – marry a woman with small hands. It makes your pecker look bigger.

    Geez, what a stupid thing to die over. He let the little head control his life for more than most men. Much more than was healthy.

    However, I’m one who thinks the explosion of Viagra-like product commercials is a symptom of an unhealthy culture. To much time thinking on things below (the belt) rather than on things above. There are several things more important that make you a man. The size of one’s John Thomas shouldn’t be in the top five list.

  10. Wow, this news is disturbing. I guess I better reconsider that penis REDUCTION surgery I was thinking about.

  11. Guys, just getting rid of the overhanging balcony already makes everything that was standing under it look bigger.

  12. His doctor told him: “After this surgery, your never going to worry about pleasing anybody ever again”

  13. Mine may not be big around but it sure is short, happy with what I have.
    @hanover & Viet, you guys have the same dirty mind, congratulations.

  14. Interesting news day. A penis enlargement via fat-injection story (we season our fried turkey via needle pricks), shortly following a story about the cheesedick governor of NooJoisey acting all Capone.

  15. Dang – Looks like Hanoverfist slipped in ahead of me while I was composing my comment. I always was a slow typist.

    GMTA, I guess.

  16. As an Army buddy with a small pecker used to say: “I may not reach to bottom, but I can beat the shit outta the sides.”

  17. Then there was the guy who purchased a “penis enlargement kit” from E-Bay for fifty bucks. The bastards sent the poor idiot a magnifying glass with instructions: Do not use in bright sunlight!
    Bastards! What’s the world coming to?

  18. Males obsessed with their ‘little’ heads have never impresses me. The intelligence is always preferred first; every- and anything else can wait until later in a relationship.

    Tell me I’m wrong….

  19. There’s also a procedure for increasing intelligence by transferring feces from the colon into the brain. I understand it’s very popular in Washington, DC….

  20. @Moe, reminds me of the Solar Dryer, plans and materials for $50.
    They got some clothes line, a few clothes pins and a stick drawing, in a mailer.

  21. As a widower after fifty years of mariage without a BJ.
    Now I have a girl friend who treasures my five inch dick for it lets her to go full throat with gauging.
    Thank you Cialis.

  22. “There is such a thing as too big. AmI right ladies?”

    And exactly what would those dimensions be. Not that I’m in danger of violating the limits ya understand.

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