Pennsylvania: Congressman Charlie Dent (R) quits

Expect a few more Republicrats to quit now that Paul Ryan is retiring.

DAILY CALLER: Pennsylvania Congressman Charlie Dent announced Tuesday that after discussions with friends and family, he will resign from Congress over the next few weeks.

After discussions with my family and careful reflection, I have decided to leave Congress in the coming weeks,” Dent said in a statement. “It is my intention to continue to aggressively advocate for responsible governance and pragmatic solutions in the coming years.”

Dent is a moderate Republican in the House who voted against the Obamacare repeal last summer and frequently contends with the Trump administration. He previously announced that he would not seek re-election late last year, citing political polarization and a personal limit on his term in Congress as reason why he would not run in the 2018 election cycle. more

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  1. “It is my intention to continue to aggressively advocate for responsible governance and pragmatic solutions in the coming years.”

    Translation: “I will continue to live in the swamp and act like a Democrat despite what I said to get elected.”

  2. This is the result of Trump draining the swamp, per Q.

    It was implied that many congress people wouldn’t be returning, or would be out-rightly removing themselves and that it would start with the ‘R’s first; then move to the ‘D’s.

    As an aside, keep your eyes on Rod Rosenstein, Loretta Lynch, and Eric Holder happenings. They are all beginning to eat themselves alive.

    Q will become a mainstream topic soon enough.

  3. I see Dent was the House Ethics Committee Chairman. Hugh Hewitt made the point yesterday that many of these repubs who are quitting decided to leave because they were in leadership positions which have term limits, and none of them want to go back to being regular peon representatives after their terms expire. Don’t know if that is the case with Dent, but it is likely.

  4. Is he going to quit before the mid-terms take place? What a worm! His constituents voted for him, he won, he agreed to serve a 2 year term. He should serve the rest of his term in the county jail.

  5. “… citing political polarization …”

    This – THIS – is exactly why there are 2 (TWO) parties!
    If they aren’t polarized (each having a different view of the Oligarch (or Tyrant)/Limited Government Ratio), they’re the same!
    Multi-party systems allow a greater mis-alignment in the polarization scheme – where (for instance) a Democratic Socialist MAY indeed have a slightly less tyrannical nature than a Nationalist Socialist though both still toe the socialist line.

    This misunderstanding of the concept of “political principle” is exactly what is wrong with a great many “Republicans” who can’t perceive the policy differences between themselves and the traitorous nihilistic/totalitarian/socialists in the “left” aisle.

    Good. GO.
    You didn’t understand your function in the first place (like so many of your Menshevik brethren).

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. “pragmatic” a favorite word of RINOs to describe their constant caving to dems.
    I wish Susan Collins would quit.

  7. Blame it on Trump (isn’t this what we wanted to happen? a turn over of people in office).

  8. Bad_Brad, one could say that Rodentstein is Mueller’s lifeline at DOJ. Mueller, busily isolating Trump by attacking Trump’s associates one by one, may soon find himself drifting out to sea when his patron Rod gets shit-canned. Two can play that game.

  9. Thirdtwin

    RR suppose to be arguing a case in front of the Supremes soon. I wonder if they would cut him loose before that.

  10. Thirdtwin- Yes. Remove the pieces under Mueller’s feet and let him drop. Many more than Rosenstein can be cut without question.

  11. In other words, “I’ve been in Congress long enough to get a really sweet pension and other benefits, so world travel, here I come!”

  12. I guess After Trump (AT), being a politician just ain’t what is used to be. No real money in it any more. MAGA!

  13. He was content to be in Congress when he had no ability to get anything accomplished. Now when he can actually make a difference he wants to bail.

  14. SOTH Ryan leaving was a yuge success. Dent is a minor player, but very welcomed. The swamp is being drained of compromised Congressmen.

    Q said a clean house is necessary.

  15. Lately, when asked for donations , I print out the politician’s Liberty Score & use their failing grade to explain my $0 donation.

  16. “Expect a few more Republicrats to quit now that Paul Ryan is retiring.”

    God, how I hope and pray Fred Upton joins them. Or at least gets primaried out.


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