Pennsylvania: Drug Dealer Released From Prison Carjacks Woman in The Parking Lot

Officer .com: HEMPFIELD, Pennsylvania — A Philadelphia man’s freedom from the Westmoreland County Prison on Tuesday was short-lived.

Moments after Thomas Lee Williams, 36, was released from the Hempfield jail at about 6:15 p.m., police said he attacked a West Leechburg woman in the parking lot, took her sport-utility vehicle and fled with her 1-year-old grandson in the back seat.

Williams crashed 2 miles away in Youngwood about 15 minutes later, ran into a wooded area and was eventually apprehended, according to county Park Police Chief Kirk Nolan.

Williams was back behind bars Wednesday on $250,000 bail.

Investigators will be examining surveillance video from outside the prison Wednesday. It appears the victims and suspect did not know each other, but authorities are continuing to investigate, Nolan said.

“As far as we know, it doesn’t seem there was any relationship,” he said.

Both the boy and his grandmother were taken to hospitals to be checked out. The woman had cuts and abrasions, Nolan said.

Court interest in a 2016 drug case against Williams was closed during a bench warrant hearing Tuesday morning. He served 3 to 12 months in that case, but his parole was revoked March 2017 and he was overdue in paying $1,131 costs and fees, according to online court records.  MORE

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  1. That”s like the headline: hyena bites hand off of liberal zookeeper.

    This is just what animals do. And how stupid liberals are.

  2. As they said in Shawshank — he was ‘institutionalized’…. Prison is his life and he wanted to go back.

  3. I live in the Hempfield area. My kids all graduated from Hempfield schools. In 10 years the high school went from top notch to bottom feeding. Nothing surprises me anymore.


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