Pennsylvania judge sets bail for accused rioters at $1M each

Washington Examiner: Several individuals accused of rioting in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, after the police shooting of Ricardo Munoz have had their bail set at $1 million.

Of the nine who were given that bail amount, none were able to post it.

Twelve adults have been charged with criminal conspiracy for arson, riot, institutional vandalism, failure to disperse, obstructing highways and other public passages, disorderly conduct, and defiant trespass. Nine of them had their bails set at $1 million. One of the 12 faced an additional charge of illegal possession of a firearm. According to police, at least eight of those charged are not Lancaster residents.

One 16-year-old has been charged with riot, disorderly conduct, possession of instruments of crime, possession of a small amount of marijuana, propulsion of missiles onto a roadway, and institutional vandalism. more

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  1. If Kamala and the assorted kommies that have been paying bail for these miscreats want to put bail up for these criminals, if I were judge, I might be willing to consider sentencing them to only a year in prison as long as they forfeited all the bail money to pay for the damages they caused.

    Ten million dollars might come close to covering the tab and send a clear message to all of these burning, looting, violent cretins across the country that would strongly discourage such future behavior. I’m sure the ones paying bail would stop paying it and let justice take its course if this happened. If they can’t make bail ……. hang ’em.

  2. “Some judge from HI will overturn it.”

    Maybe, but someone’s gonna have to spend an awful lot of money getting it there. And that someone will have a very public record, something that will be very difficult to keep hidden from the public.

  3. We need laws passed to enable the confiscation of property and or prison work programs so these people can pay society back the debt they owe.

  4. I wonder what all the Amish in the Lancaster area make of this BLM bullshit?


    “Yes, Miller?”

    “Vas is das ‘Schvartzer Lives Matter?’”

    “Vell, Miller, you know dat end of dairy cow from vitch comes cow patty?”

    “Yas, Bueller, I know it.”

    “Vell, Miller, dey rioters and Schvartzer Lives Matter, Dey are that end of dairy cow, spreading their manure over even that vitch is not hay field.”

    “Ah, I see now, Bueller. Thank you, and go vit Gott.”

    “And Miller, your wife…”

    “Yas, Bueller?”

    “Your wife… she is… very plain.”

    “Vy, thank you, Bueller!”

  5. A Lancaster County, Pa., judge is expected to revisit the whopping $1 million bail set for each of several accused rioters after some of them hired private attorneys and filed petitions protesting the amount, according to a report on Wednesday.

    Magisterial District Judge Bruce Roth said he would hold bail hearings on Thursday now that each of the nine defendants have secured counsel, Lancaster Online reported.

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