Pentagon Blocks Release of Any More Gitmo Art

John Jay College of Criminal Justice is putting on an art exhibit titled “‘Ode to the Sea: Art from Guantanamo Bay” which featured not just the works of Gitmo detainees, but also extensive bios that redacted why the artist being held, as well as instructions on how to purchase the works.

Now, the Department of Defense has changed its policies, declaring the paintings to be  government property and will not allow any more to be released to the public.

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16 Comments on Pentagon Blocks Release of Any More Gitmo Art

  1. I am so pleased the murderous, muslim detainees are provided art classes and supplies. Are they doing basket weaving, cooking classes and ceramics too?
    How about free college tuition to go with their free dentist and healthcare?

    Disgusting that they are treated better than veterans.

  2. How do they have time for painting in between praying and massages? Let alone the personal empowerment classes. You’d think they weren’t terrorists and shit….

  3. Where’s the propaganda pic of the barbed wire and crossed 2X4’s ?
    That’s their go-to pic at every mention of the base. I went there once on a tour. It’s a huge taxpayer-paid $250 million dollar glass and steel structure. They have game and TV rooms, best food and healthcare your money can buy. They’re certainly treated like guests and not prisoners. They are only “detainees.”

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