Pentagon Losing Twitter War With ISIS

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TruthRevolt: There is legitimate debate about whether the Internet has hurt or improved peoples lives. The answer, of course, lies somewhere in the middle. Instant access to vast amounts of information and an ability to connect with people from around the world has certainly provided benefit to mankind. It also, ironically, has stripped away much of humanity and warped reality to such a degree that we now see despots like the Ayatollah Khamenei tweeting about his intentions to annihilate Israel and the West. 

The world — from celebrities to politicians, from high school students to savage terrorists — is engaged at full throttle in a twisted online vanity contest. How many Facebook “likes” or re-tweets one attains is the measure of one’s success. The same apparently holds true for ISIS, which, according to a report in DefenseOne, is winning its popularity contest against the Pentagon.   continued

2 Comments on Pentagon Losing Twitter War With ISIS

  1. Just another obama failure.
    The media won’t report it and the people expect nothing more that failure from the gutless “red line guy”.

  2. At least in the “twitter” war the only thing hurt are obama’s feelings (if he has any), unlike the real war on terrorism that kills our military warriors, Christians and innocent civilians daily.

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