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People Are Defending This Ass Grabbing Display


This is not her husband, boyfriend, or even the team physician.


That’s her dad.

The kiss on the lips kind of puts the cherry on top, so to speak.

20 Comments on People Are Defending This Ass Grabbing Display

  1. Everyone who clicked on this thought it was about biden*
    E V E R Y O N E !

  2. Well that explains it because just after last time Joe Biden molested a little girl he gace a speech and said, “La célébration de Sara Bejlek après sa qualif pour le tableau principal enflamme les réseaux sociaux à travers le monde. Il s’agit de son père et de ama na pressure.”

  3. Yeah seems a bit inappropriate, the quick peck seemed fairly normal (it’s not like they were tounge swapping) . Butt pats are pretty universal in the coaching world, so I don’t know.

    Compare this to the campaign kiss the Pedo gave Ashley, a world of difference….

  4. If Ashley Biden were a tennis player…

  5. Seems weird for anybody except a boyfriend or husband. The peck on the lips on the father is a little strange and the @ss patting is definitely inappropriate if you ask me.

  6. That’s bad but imagine how disgusting it is to shower with your daughter…..EVER!!!! There ….I made it about Biden too!!!

  7. Yeah … she’s a little old to be grabbing her ass … about 12 years too old.

  8. half to agree, Woody, haf to agree …… wunce there older than 7 or so I kninda loose intrest ………

  9. The French they are a funny race
    They fight with their feet
    And f*ck with their face.

  10. So…..she has two dads? I saw two men patting her ass! Not that there’s anything wrong with that. If I could get away with it….

  11. He may be a perv, but at least he’s not pretending to be president.

  12. I want my daddy too! Daddy make the big bad man just go away, stomps his feet. And and I demand to be their dicktator today brahhhhhhh

  13. Why would anyone want to touch a girl’s ass?

  14. Looks like everyone gets a handful of that ass. Gotta love the French.

  15. I believe it was Churchill that said the French were a nation of whores.

  16. Europeans being European. This is nothing.

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