People Are Injecting CO2 under Their Skin for Cosmetic Purposes

OC: Some people would try anything in their desperate attempt to combat the natural effects of aging. One trend that’s been blowing up (pun intended) in recent years is Carboxy Therapy – pumping carbon dioxide under the skin to treat stretch marks, loose skin, cellulite or dark circles under the eyes.

So how does Carboxy therapy work, you ask? It’s quite simple really. Using a fine needle hooked up to a carbon dioxide tank, gas is slowly pumped under the skin. The procedure itself is reportedly not painful at all, with patience feeling nothing but a tingling sensation. Once under the skin, the CO2 causes a slight disruption in the red blood cells due to the sudden overflow of a gas that our bodies produce naturally as cellular waste.  more

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  1. The natural processes of aging make people more interesting and, to me at least, more attractive.

    It is wonderful that the world of plastic/reconstructive surgery and medicine have come so far. For those who have been disfigured by trauma or disease, this branch of medicine is powerfully good and has made huge beneficial differences in the lives of those who need it.

    I mean, c’mon now, we all get some schadenfreude pleasure when we look on the ravaged face, unhealthy skin, and huge eye bags when we see current photos of George Soros, right? Don’t “fix” that! (-:

  2. Finally the idiots are offsetting their carbon footprint. Try sticking it up the ass – that will make you a Kardashian.

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