People are starting to act even more weird.

Can we lean out of the window and boo China?

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  1. I called the cops on 13 cows. One had a snotty nose. The other one took a huge piss. A couple of them were lying down. One of them said, “MOOOOOoo!” to me.

    I think the rest of them were drunk on green grass.

  2. China has done more to damage this country than the USSR ever dreamed of

    … we have our whores politicians to thank

  3. One possible acceptable outcome of this mess is if DJT at least stops doing any biz with China. Just cut them off at the knees.
    But a total isolationist policy for about 10 years would be very cool

  4. What is scary is all the people in the neighborhood and grocery stores that you would have never met because they were working somewhere most of the day. I know get to see all these strange people walking around that I have never seen before, and yes, I mean strange. You get the sense that not all of them are handling this all too well.

    Parts of the downtown in Portland are like other cities, boarded up in case of looting or vandalism. Looks like we might even have Antifa spreading info online on how to break into buildings. Given that we already have a dwindling police force thanks to cop-hating mayor, things seem a little gloomy. I will say, the tweakers and random mental cases really stand out when you are driving around in the downtown. It has that Omega Man/28days Later feeling in parts of town.

  5. CPDX

    Portland, yikes, I have been exposed to my fair share of defensive pistol classes and home defense “Specialist”. Most of it’s a joke however I did see an impressive idea from one of those classes. Swimming pool door alarms. They’re cheap, easy to install, very loud, and impossible to defeat. Ideal for fortifying your average suburban home.,440,_KrSKXpinMJu_0PEPxaqTkAw70

  6. I keep going back to a “confluence of stupidity theory” and starting over, looking again and again at how the objectives of all possible guilty parties to this hysteria interrelate with each other. Kind of like why has everyone piled-on to this disaster?

    1. Chinese bioweapon.
    2. Released accidentally (probably).
    3. Covered up by the CCP.
    4. Setting off panic by stupid governments world-wide.
    5. Jumped on by Democrats as another battle against Trump.
    6. Jumped on by brain-dead Governors with visions of power.
    7. Sucked up and spread by the media for all the many reasons that are now obvious (which itself is a huge subject!).
    8. Seized by the FED as an excuse to prime the money pump of a failed system.
    9. Seized by Congress to ‘save the American people.’ What heroes!
    10. Embraced by mentally ill progressives and liberals who love gawking at disaster scenes and imagining themselves as heroes.

    Except there is one scenario I can’t seem to analyze because it’s just SO fricken bizarre, and it relates to #2 above: that China has deliberately – and cleverly – started World War III and we’re just too stupid to understand it. And they think they can win it…

    And I guess that’s why I keep finding myself waiting for “the other shoe to drop.” Because it’s becoming clear that this was an unnecessary, fabricated crisis, and if, in fact, it turns out to be WWIII, China’s first round was perfect. Deadlier rounds would have to follow.

  7. @ Jimmy. I’m thinking the same way. I think it was deliberate, we are in ww3, and all the democrats and most of the republicans are owned by the chinese.

  8. @ BILL

    They are primarily owned by
    George Soros and his assorted
    pigs and family

    Regarding Gyorgy Schwantz : Why isn’t this PIG stripped of his citizenship and put afloat in the ocean ?

    Why ?

    Is it because he OWNS the smellocratic party ?

  9. It’s predictable {follow the leader} herd stupidity, when one nervously twitches it sets off an uncontrollable stampede of blind panic until exhaustion overtakes them.

  10. @Jimmy

    If the WU-FLU is the opening salvo of WWIII, our tribulations have barely started.

    All the preceding man made horrors in history will be as a pleasant summer breeze in comparison.

  11. I get a twisted kind of satisfaction while grocery shopping. I scope out the most paranoid looking person wearing a face mask, surgical gloves and a hoodie and when they stop for something I pull up next to them and reach right across them to pick out something. The look they give me is somewhere between disgust and total fear, then they scurry away. Next time I go shopping I will wear my “Kiss ME, I’m Irish” t-shirt.

  12. With every new clamp-down order our politicians are discovering just how far the sheep can be pushed and how hot the frogs can stand it as we continue staggering towards Gamorrah.

  13. When my liberal friends start repeating what I read Months ago re; the Wuhan Virus and the LBS4 Lab, Wuhan U advertising for PHDs to help their experiments with Bats/ virus (in NOV/DEC 19) …. I’m going to SCREAM!! I told them, and their response was, ‘that sounds like a conspiracy theory’.

  14. The politicians better be praying to whatever God, whore, devil or goat that they pray to that this crisis is real otherwise a rude and viscous comeuppance will be forthcoming!

  15. @BB:I’m not sure how my supply of surgical masks for my practice is going to hold out after this, so I am figuring out how to autoclave them. They come out wet. To dry them I need a food dehydrator. I bought one off Amazon with a big “made in America” graphic. Screw the Chinese.


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