People, Even Large Ones, Can’t Win a Fight With a Car

Ht/ c. steven tucker

Zack Mishur@zackmishur
·41mReplying to @missmaybell and @ppv_tahoe…like a pad of butter across a hot skillet.

3DownRB@DeRunningBack·3hReplying to @missmaybell and @ppv_tahoeCraziest thing about this is the guy who got hit, isn’t the fattest dude in the video.

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  1. Road rash? That’s gotta hurt. There are some big people that shop there. Maybe it’s the all you can eat corn dogs that draws a crowd.

  2. Not a lot of carb shaming going on there….looked like Bubba Wallace trying to hit his pit stop…..what?…Plus their city is named after an Italian interloper known to invade native lands

  3. I don’t understand what this means:

    ” Man Hit By Car After Trying to Break Windows of person hit someone ”

    Is she saying the dude broke the window of the car because the driver hit someone before hand?

    See, I need to understand the set up so I know who to laugh at, harder.

    EDIT: OK I’m just gonna drop the “hit someone” ’til I find out the whole story.
    Hitting a car and windows with a hammer as the driver is clearly trying to get away from the crazy person means the sympathy goes to the driver and
    everyone in the car.

  4. These people are my motivation when doing cardio and I start to get pissed at myself after 25 minutes drenched in sweat with my heart beating out my chest thinking gholly I’m an out of shape 170lb 6’2″ goof. Everything and anything can be worse. The one positive thing about CONVID-1984, I’m in much better shape than I used to be, but that’s not saying much. Day 86 of working out, haven’t missed a day yet.

  5. Columbus Ohio- also known as The Safe Haven Destination for The Rotund and The Hefty.

  6. The fat man’s butter got cauterized. Looks like he was passed out and bleeding out at the end – either that or he ate two much strawberry shortcake (watch the red juice gush out between his legs right at the end.)

  7. The woman who said, “he’s bleeding from the head” so casually wasn’t even willing to bend over and flick his nose to see if he was awake or not. Those people are brutal. lol.

  8. That fat fuck slid across the asphalt like a cube of butter across the grill at Benihana’s.

  9. Jigga so fat they’re gonna’ need a forklift to move him,.

    Easier to build a hospital around his big gulp sized ass.

  10. Is someone going to burn down Kroger’s?
    Because you know they’ll be waiting behind the meat section with BBQ sauce.

  11. Maybe that hit on the head pushed the vacuum release valve somewhere between his ears. Somewhere.

  12. Since we can’t see the beginning of the event it’s impossible to say who is at fault. Regardless, this guy is seriously hurt.
    The lesson to learn is…even if the other person is a fault, keep your head together and don’t do rash things like beat their windows with a hammer. Take the time to remember their faces and car license plate numbers as they speed away. Then call the cops. Phone photos and videos are helpful too.
    PS – and don’t DEFUND the cops. You may need them someday…

  13. Someone call an Ambulance
    No we need a tow truck
    No better make it a Crane big man down.

    I think I just found out where they hid Hoffa.

  14. what the hell is this? … the Tublard Convention?

    … I’ve seen herds of cattle that were smaller!

  15. I though the initial switch back move the driver did that put chubby on the ground was brilliant, assuming the large guy was in the wrong. Looked like a James Bond move.

  16. Its not as bad as it looks. The heat from the friction of the asphalt and skin sliding together should render the fat providing a lubricated surface to slide upon. Simple physics. He’s fine.😉

  17. Death Race 2020,just needs some accessories such as machine guns in the grill or a retractable knife in the center front. Ah, the good old days.

  18. Chuck Darwin for the Internet comment of the day with; “Oh, the huge manatee!”

    Now that’s funny right there!!!

  19. The black SUV could have gotten away at the start by just continuing to drive away. Fatty (I know that doesn’t *ahmem* narrow it down any) didn’t have to go in for a second attack. Once he tried a second time to beat the vehicle, the driver could mount a defense. Fatty got thrown to the ground by the backup/turn move and still tried to get in front of the car. Fatty got what he deserved.

  20. The car manufacturer has a great commercial advertisement there.

    Don’t let this compact’s size fool you folks, there’s plenty of power to spare!

  21. Maybe it’s some kind of street gang. Their initiation must be having to eat 2 whole buckets of KFC…

  22. “Ain’t no crocodiles, but a fast-movin chevy sure make a mess of you!”
    (or something to that effect)

    Looks like tough-guy met his match.

    izlamo delenda est …

  23. It’s likely that this small moon was exerting enough gravitational force to accelerate the car towards it. Here’s a handy note for gravy fingers to keep in the pocket of his moo moo – force=mass x acceleration

  24. Wait ’til they try to remove him from the parking lot like they did with the whale in Florence, OR in 1970…

  25. Dude is just as stupid as the motorcyclists that kick cars.

    Him getting back up to do more violence to the car after the first knockdown required a stronger follow-up hit to get out of there.

    I have no sympathy for him. His actions were an offense because the driver was trying to leave. Just like you don’t have the right to shoot someone in the back. They are disengaging and you are now threatening the other guy.

    Most people don’t understand the “wrongness” can switch back and forth during a fight. If you are a victim when it starts – it can change to you being a perp in an instant. You don’t have the right to go punish them. It’s not self-defense at that point.

    You can both be seen as guilty by a judge. Doesn’t matter who started it if you chase them down to give them a beat-down.

  26. “There she blows! A hump like a snow-hill! It is Moby Dick!”
    – Herman Melville, “Moby Dick”

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