People Leaving Blue States Advise Those Who Remain, ‘Start Making Better Decisions on Who You Vote For’ – IOTW Report

People Leaving Blue States Advise Those Who Remain, ‘Start Making Better Decisions on Who You Vote For’

Epoch Times:

Florida was the No. 1 relocation destination for Americans in 2020, according to New York and California took first and second place in the contest for which states had the most people choosing to leave.

Justin Pearson is a 27-year-old truck loader for a Target distribution center. A resident of Hemet, California, for 22 years, Pearson moved to the town of Riverside for another three years until the dramatic change in policies and rising cost of living made it impossible for him to live on his own. There also was no way he could afford to buy his own home, he said. In order to survive at all, he fled to Lake City, Florida.

While the national average in property taxes is 1.07 percent, Floridians pay only 0.83 percent, and Californians pay even less—0.73 percent. But Pearson said the cost of everything else in California erased the benefit of lower property taxes. Additionally, Florida is one of only nine states in the country that has no state income or wage taxes.

“With the COVID restrictions, a lot of businesses closed,” Pearson told The Epoch Times. “In turn, that caused an increase in homelessness. Then the governor enacted the zero-dollar bail policy and an early prison-release program, which caused the crime rate to skyrocket. Gas taxes were added. The cost of living was so high you could not get by if you were single. You literally had to have two or three incomes in order to make it.” more here

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  1. Not good. Liberals are a virus and need to stay where they are even after their state governments collapse.

  2. This is Dick
    Dick moved out of a Blue State to escape the democRAT high taxes and failed policies.
    Dick moved to a Red State, but still votes for democRATz who will raise taxes and implement bad policy.

    Don’t Be A DICK!,/b>

  3. Florida is busy knocking down every tree in the state to accommodate the flood of people. Add to that the throngs of illegals coming in and the state is being destroyed.
    It’s depressing to watch.
    Worse of all is the idiots bring their politics along with their luggage.

  4. I’m starting to think that there are some people designed to fit with the same types and others that fit with their types. The American Indian had the right idea of tribes living away from people that were on a different channel. We need liberal states and conservative states with walls and no sharing of tax dollars.

  5. Watch your wallets. Even if you live in a conservative state, the libs are moving and bringing their destructive ideology with them. Sigh.

  6. And these same liberal Pieces of SH!t then promptly move to a red state, and begin to whine that they hear people shooting target practice, post every square inch of their property with no trespassing signs, and bitch about smelling wood smoke from people using wood stoves to heat.

  7. you are all spot on Sounds good but the morons create the conditions by voting for “free stuff” Then when the bill come due they cry about the high costs, the pols lie about who caused it….the solution to put out the fire is to throw more liquid hydrogen onto the fire….then blame Reagan…Bush…Bush…Trump…Moron moves to FL or NC and repeats the process of voting for the same A holes that they fled from STAY the F where you are and reap what you have sown MFs

  8. What on Earth makes anyone think that your vote counts for a goddamn thing in a blue state? The mafiosi who run those shitholes know who’s gonna “win” the week before election day. And it’s never a Republican except in the neighborhoods they live in.

  9. @ the dirtball JUNE 11, 2021 AT 2:18 PM

    They buy land and put in a vineyard and promptly outlaw shooting and piss wine and moan about anyone riding a four wheeler and raising dust anywhere w/in a mile of them… then wonder what the hell happened when the Goddamn ground squirrels et all of the blossoms off their grape vines and they don’t get any fruit then tell their bankrupt doctor or lawyer husband pretty much the same story they told the last Goddamn idiot ex-=husband they bankrupted when their horse raising scheme didn’t exactly go as they had planned.

    These nitwits couldn’t keep a hamster or a tomato plant alive for a week and they harbor some grand illusion that they are gifted with some idiotic notion that they know all there is about farming and/or ranching.

    I’ve seen it a thousand times over and it never varies. The hell of it is , divorce attorneys seem especially vulnerable and they know the score going in.

  10. I was at Jack Hannah’s restaurant in Nye one afternoon and was not in a particularly charitable mood when some bint at the next table was telling hubby: We ought to sell everything and move to a ranch in Montana and raise beef. My response was: Yea, that is what you will think when your husband is on the dirt up to the shoulder up a cows ass, in February, it’s -20 in the calving shed trying to shove a calf far enough back that he can get a second leg forward and a rope around it so you don’t see another thousand bucks go down the drain just that quick, while thousand pound heifer is trying her best to push the calf out.

    My dad’s wife was mad at me, but at that point I had had just about enough bullshit from an army these bullshitters for one day.

  11. Georgia state tax for retirees ain’t bad…..

    62 – 64…..All Social Security that is fed taxed exempt…
    …..Unearned income/pensions and max earned
    income up to $4000…..gets a $35,000

    65+…….. but $65,000 exclusion.

  12. Broken record here but if u read some of the lib sites you wil realize that this has been the plan all along. These Blue State governments know their policies are purposefully destructive and will wreak havoc on their economies and will cause people to move. They also are very confident in their school’s indoctrination techniques that create liberal idiots. They also know that the data states that people rarely if ever change their voting habits. The commentors on these sites applaud this strategy and even say things like “fly my pretties, fly” to other states and spread the liberal doctrine. Remember nobody is that purposefully stupid as to destroy thei own economies if there wasn’t something else bigger to be gained

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