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People Who Still Support Biden

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  1. Yeah… when I got gas today the pump showed that the previous customer put $25.00 dollars on pump #1.

    I figured that he musta bought enough gas to get to pump #2!

  2. What ever you think, oh thats right you don’t have a brain. He will LOSE

  3. Funny how Nostradamus always predicted something afer it happened…

  4. TRF, open your eyes fool! This is WORLD WIDE dumbass! GOP lies a will not fix this! Loser f off. Don’t believe me Trump loves his idiot voter base!

  5. Now you know how the expression “Fuck ’em if they can’t take a joke!” came about.

  6. last payday I wanted to go to the big city – 75 miles. gas at $4.16 – naah. next day gas was at $4.56 and I realized it’s now or never.

    didn’t find most of what I looked for. everything I want can be found on the ninnynet. from now until the democrats are flushed like a turd, it will be cheaper to buy from eBay and risk getting useless products, versus holding items in my hand before I buy.

  7. Bring it on, your wannabe equals lead in the head, have s nice day.

  8. Oh yes high gas prices make everything trumpass right, NOT QUITE dirtbags

  9. Where did all the faggots in this thread come from?

    Fuel prices started sharply rising the week joetato stole office. Your faggot “Putin/Ukraine” lies don’t stand up to scrutiny.

  10. Erik

    It’s CNN’s entire viewing audience and all six of the work in the White Hut.

  11. I can’t imagine having my head that far up my ass, Brad.

    The fucked up thing is they really believe the bullshit.

  12. Erik

    Their grammar and phrasing is suspect. I don’t think they are US citizens. So they can suck on my big ass balls. They’re so fucked up it’s not even worth baiting them.
    I’m missing the old trolls.

  13. There’s an old saying about that…

    The higher you go, the darker it gets!

  14. @Jeanne D. (former Washington crystal ball gazer, probably deceased)

    Maybe Nostradamus was just a historian.

  15. rat-mofo’s, keep sucking gro-biden dick & swallowing

  16. LOL.

    Erik, TRF, Joe6 and Mrs Joe6, MJA, and myself need a rendezvous. Like the old trappers. I know I missing a bunch. We should find some remote place, schedule it, pass out the Lat And Longe, and blast the hell out of the Feds when they show up. LOL LOL. Hey, I’m a comedian.

  17. It’s obvious the trolls are hood rat XiDing voters.

  18. Hey Brad, I think if we announced a meeting we would have plenty of willing travelers. I’m looking to take an airplane though. Driving is fine with me.

  19. The real reason PedoJoe Bidumb fell off his bike is that he was distracted by a little girl standing in the gallery of media and toadies. The moment he saw that sweet innocent face it reminded him of naked showers with his daughter when she was that age.

  20. Joe6,
    I have a place in mind almost on the border. Extreme NorCal. It would be a rough camp. No running water, no power. I’ll check it out and send you some links. Just sayen, I can make a rough camp seem like Club med.

  21. Both the the boss and myself have done plenty of rough camping. It’s been a few years but we can handle it. Plus, I’m pretty damn tired of people, if we were remote I’d say were interested.

  22. joe6pak
    Be freaken cool with 20 or so IOTW rigs pulling up. Like I say, a rendezvous.

  23. You can just diddle my little mushroom thingy, who am I ?

  24. Brad are there fish in the river or lake?
    If there is water and wood for a fire we can camp with the best of you. Late in the year they might not let us have a fire.

  25. Brad We drive from Seattle to Ashland in a day try not to drive the Siskiyous pass in the dark. Or are you thinking of some where off of 395 on the east side.

  26. Geoff

    I’ll email you the particulars. I haven’t been there for about 15 years. Super cool place. Teaming with Antelope. The Reds Lake area.

  27. PS.

    You could live off the land like a king there. Especially if AA can cook. LOL LOL LOL

  28. @Erik the ne’er do well unmasked scumbag
    JUNE 22, 2022 AT 9:35 PM
    “Where did all the faggots in this thread come from?”

    All? No, just one incoherent asshole posting under 5 or 6 aliases.

  29. I typed “…all the faggots…”

    I assumed that didn’t mean real people.

  30. Erik

    You did fine. All the Faggots. Are Faggots gay? Not necessarily. They’re just faggots. I’m with you bro.

  31. If it is one incoherent faggot I would have no way of knowing. I’m not part of the code here.

    I see multiple incoherent faggots, and none of them are us, except maybe fuckknuckle. Ok, maybe he’s not a faggot, he’s just fucking incoherent. And fucking retarded.


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