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People’s Cube Exclusive: What is it like to shoot a Daisy BB gun?

People’s Cube: What’s it like to fire a Daisy bb gun? It’s an experience I’ll never forget. Everybody knows bb guns are scary looking and ought to be banned, but I thought I would try to shoot one without any preconceived notions. What I encountered changed me forever.


I took a deep breath and determined to enter a Wal-Mart. A “greeter” met me with, “Howdy, welcome to Wal-Mart.” I’m from the north. We don’t say “Howdy”. I sneer back at the micro aggression and strain to hold back tears of rage. Barely controlling myself, I asked where I could find a bb gun. He directed me to “sporting goods”, still smiling and gloating over his slyly delivered offense.

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  1. When my ham radio friend was visiting from NYC and we stopped at Walmart to get some extra 9mm ammo on the way to the range (his first time), he was shocked to see 1)a walmart 2) bb guns 3)sling shots 4) real guns
    He’d never seen the like.
    And of course I totally shocked him when I picked him up at his motel and I was open carrying. (SA XD 9mm 5″ with extra mags)
    We went through over 400 rounds at the range and it was the most fun he’s had in years.

  2. The Cube is mocking fake journOlist Gersh Cuntzman who shot an M16 so he could report on “What is it Like to Shoot an AR-15?” Cuntzman reports the experience to be so horrific he now has PTSD. (Barf)
    It feels like a bazooka – and sounds like a cannon,” he says.
    I was in the Marines and shot M16s a LOT of times. I gotta tell you, it wasn’t very traumatic. In fact, I was always impressed by how little kickback there was.
    These journOlists are now in full hype mode, making up stories that aren’t true. All for False Messiah’s agenda.
    Six more months.

  3. I have one! They kick ass! You could put an eye out of a home intruder and then beat living Iraqi Shiite out of him a vintage Joe Torey bat until the police arrive!

  4. Be careful….owning one of these “weapons of war” might make you “self-radicalize” and before ya know it you’ll be running with scissors too…

  5. My 3 brothers and I all had BB guns growing up’ We even had an indoor shooting range in the basement. None of us ever shot any eyes out or shot at each other or other stupid stuff although we probably thought about it. Mainly because my dad would’ve taken them away if we’d been stupid and we knew it. We also grew up hunting, fishing, camping etc. And I had my own shotgun when I was 16 for upland game bird hunting of pheasants, quails, chukars, huns (Hungarian partridges) etc. I was also a fairly good shoot at shooting clay pigeons when we practiced our shooting skills at he skeet range before hunting season started. It was a blast!

  6. As a lad I was a BB gun owner until I shot and killed a bird. That was the moment I became a lifelong veagan, member of PETA, conscientious objector, and seeker of safe spaces.

  7. Firt bb guns, then airsoft guns, then paintball markers. Will the madness never end? These instruments of minor annoyance are not only designed to shoot at people, but there are in fact “competitions” and “ranges” where Neanderthals can play war games and inflict stings and paint marks on a victim’s body – all in the name of “sporting fun.” Well I, for one, believe that all forms of fun and entertainment must be banned for the common good.

  8. I just dug out my Dad’s first BB gun (also my first BB gun which was taken away for disputable reasons) and it’s a Daisy no. 25 pump action….now I just need to find me some BB’s and I’ll attack them Injuns…

  9. Daisy once made a caseless ammo rifle called the V/L. Bastards in the government told them it was a firearm and the weren’t licensed to produce such a weapon. I repeat- BASTARDS!!

  10. Mr. Mxyzptlk, just so you know – I’m deadly with my sling shot! Watch out, intruders! Better get it out and practice before I get too rusty; or my rubber band gets too brittle from age. I guess it’s been a while…

  11. Willy, We use to line up the little green army men on one of dads saw horses and shoot them. Now all kids have are I phones to play with.

  12. Just thought I’d note that I posted the article on Facebook and it has been shared 47 times! In something like an hour. Probably due to Christopher Buckley sharing it, but definitely a fun and worthy article.

  13. I let watching Combat with Sgt. Saunders, Lt. Hanley, Kirby, Little John, Doc etc. do all the killing of Krauts for me when I was a kid. There weren’t very many TV shows about the War in the Pacific except for Black Sheep Squadron with Robt. Conrad playing Gregory “Pappy” Boyington who was from CDA, Id. I was taught English in 7th or 8th grade by his daughter Becky Boyington back in the mid 60’s.

  14. Makes an interesting thread…what was your first firearm and how old were you? I was 15 when I bought my first with my own money, a Walther P-38. A nice nazi example with original finish and all matching numbers. Traded it for a Browning Medalist .22 at a pawn shop. Sure wish I’d kept one of them! Not long after that I bought an Enfield No 4 Mk 1 at Gibson’s Discount Center for $19.95. They had barrels of them. And back then all you had to show to buy one was the cash. Lots of cheap surplus ammo to be had too.

    Anybody else remember when you could buy dewat Schmeisser MP-40’s in the back of True magazine?

    Hell, anybody else remember Edmund Scientific? X-Ray glasses? Yeah, I’m showing my age.

  15. True Magazine, Argosy, Stag etc. were staples around here when I was a kid. My dad read the darned things and we read them after he was done with them. They were fairly racy in a way if I remember right, sort of very soft porn and dirty jokes in the 50’s and 60’s. And who didn’t know about Edmund Scientific back then since there ads were in nearly every issue of Superman usually on the back cover or tucked away inside the Superman comic book.

  16. According to BRAVO and A&E you have a better chance of going Tranny than getting shot in this country… unless, of course, you live in the Hood, but that thar’s a whole nuther can of worms…

  17. All I was ever allowed to shoot was a Mattel Snub-Nose .38 with Greenie Stick-M-Caps.

    Eventually, I put my parents in a rest home and brought an open-carry S&W J-frame Chief’s Special every time I went to visit them.

  18. Hey, Sylvia! Remember, you’re not dead yet and you reap what you sew. If I read about your unfortunate encounter with Obama sons on the streets of Philly, I won’t be shocked. May your sainted parents rest in peace. 🙄

  19. Ah, yes, the Chief’s Special. Of all the arms I still have, that’s the one I’ve had the longest…and probably the last one I’d sell. Mine is the Model 60 in stainless as I carried it for decades in my left boot, but the Model 36 is also a terrific choice. Which is yours?

  20. Too bad the Northern Home For Children didn’t have a Return Policy and a money-back guarantee. 🙁

  21. @ oplease!!

    The same. The original Model 60 in stainless with a 2″ barrel (1967). No +P for this old timer, however. 😉

  22. I had a Mattell Fanner 50 when I was a kid back in the early 60’s when I was 9 or 10 years old. Cool little toy gun, a six shot revolver when you thrust your belly out the gun would pop out of its belt and shoot little plastic bullets powered by Greenie Stick Em Caps. And I probably took it to school or out on the playground and no one was ever killed except bad guys in the imagination. Try doing that now and the progtards would probably send me to Juvie and throw away the keys.

  23. Geoff, it seems incredible now, but when I was a student, it was common to see rifles racked in the back window of pickups in the school parking lot. It wasn’t unusual to take a newly acquired gun to school to show it off. They would’ve frowned on bringing it to class. We didn’t have school cops and metal detectors then either.

  24. I took my shotgun to school with me during hunting season more than once in the early 70’s locked up on a gun rack in my Dad’s 56 Ford F-100 so I could go bird hunting after school. Now the whole area behind the HS is full of houses, back then it was still open fields where we hunted birds and such. And I wasn’t the only one, even some of the teachers had their guns in their cars as well. One of the PE teachers had his as well, it was no big deal back then.

  25. They are evil, entry level weapons. My demented parents gave me one for my birthday 45 years ago, and I have become so addicted to guns and killing that I have a tag to legally murder a harmless elk in October. Oh! The humanity!

  26. I think Sylvia and Ann were part of the orphan train and maybe they can get some healing at the orphan train museum in Concordia Kansas….if not, then maybe they might feel relieved by seeing the World’s Largest ball of twine in Cawker City Kansas….it’s a mere 30 minute drive from Concordia….

  27. We always had a Daisy BB gun when we were kids; I still do! I got my first “real” gun when I was 12 or 13, an M-1 carbine my dad got through the Civilian Marksmanship Program. Ammo was dirt cheap back in the ’60s; we shot thousands of rounds through those guns.

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