Peptide Vaccine Being Tested In Germany Shows Signs Of Lasting Longer Giving Better Protection Than Current Vaccines

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A new vaccine designed to specifically create T-cells against Covid produces a better immune response than the alternatives already in use, according to trial data.

The CoVac-1 jab has been developed and made by academics at the University of Tubingen, in Germany.

The cells form part of the immune response to protect people against infections and often work in tandem with antibodies. However, while antibody levels often decline over time and need boosting, T-cells have the ability to stay in the bloodstream for several years.

Evidence is emerging that T-cell levels from vaccines may be key in conferring long-term protection against Covid, but studying the level of them in a person’s system is difficult. More

More details on how CoVac-1 performed in its first trials Here

13 Comments on Peptide Vaccine Being Tested In Germany Shows Signs Of Lasting Longer Giving Better Protection Than Current Vaccines

  1. So the hoax continues with Big Pharma collecting more and more ill-gotten swag with no end in sight. I’m sure they’re sharing it with the Legislators.

    It’s the flu, people! The Wuhan Flu, but a coronavirus flu, nonetheless.

    The World’s gone mad.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  2. Since they won’t say hydrochloroquin or invermectin are probably better, as Hillary would say: what difference does it make?

    That is especially true since “they” now say a third and probably 4th vax shot are needed

  3. “…developed and made by academics…”

    What happened to “follow the science”?

    Still not gonna take it. I don’t trust the Nutty Professors any more than I do the Mad Scientists.

  4. This vaccine is based on some of the pieces that make up the spike protein, so it’s not actually injecting the full (and I suspect damaging protein). The body’s T-cells (white blood cells) see it and know it’s foreign.

    I expect this to be a less dangerous and more effective injection that what they’ve been putting into willing subjects.

  5. I’m not kidding, my wife and I continue to take horse dewormer paste, (Ivermectin) and follow the prevention guidelines set by the FLCCC.
    My wife is an RN and worked everyday thru the pandemic and just got a forced resignation, after submitting a religious exemption. We WILL NOT take the vaccination and will face the loss of everything together.

  6. @Noovuss; Don’t fret. I suspect that by this time next year, possibly not even that long, your wife will have her job back. Probably with a substantial raise in salary.


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