Perhaps Jon Stewart Could Find A Better Use For His Time

The headlines say John Stewart “berates,” “blasts “lashes out,” at congress yesterday during a House Judiciary Sub-committee hearing on the renewal of the 9/11 compensation fund for first responders.

Member Steve Cohen (D-TX) tried to explain to the enraged former funny man, that since this was a sub-committee hearing, “All these empty chairs, that’s because it’s for the full committee. It’s not because of disrespect or lack of attention to you.” More 

Stewart has a history of being generous with important causes. The entry for Jon Stewart on a website that purports to list the charity work of celebrities list 16 charities and 21 causes Stewart has supported in the past.  Here

I take no issue with the cause brought before congress by Stewart, only the approach. This isn’t the first nor the second time  Stewart has lambasted the government on behalf of 9/11 first responders.

I only ask at what point do private citizens put their time, money and celebrity to work on a private effort to achieve the same ends that one is cursing lawmakers for not doing? – Dr. Tar




10 Comments on Perhaps Jon Stewart Could Find A Better Use For His Time

  1. Perhaps by using his real name, John Leibowitz,
    followed by stop portending thinking he is funny,,,
    It did get him out of his majority HBO share holding parents basement.
    It be a good start,,

  2. I am sick of celebrities jumping on these bandwagons. I don’t know why the leadership of these movements always go out and find a celebrity to fight their battles, as if a celebrity gives them some sort of extra status.

    Personally, I’m tired of the whole shebang. I don’t care what Jon Stewart’s opinion is about anything.

  3. Jon Leibowitz Stewart was nothing but a pimp and a shill for Barack Hussien Obama from the beginning of his announcement that he was running for President until he left office. Stewart promoted Stephan Colbert as a fake conservative representing the opposition as a comedy routine, and he defended John McCain against Donald Trump during his campaign for the Presidency. Despite all of the evidence that he was not really a political commentator, the very dumb audience that watched him for his political opinions, never saw him seriously challenge the Obama Administration during his eight years of disastrous Fundamental Transformation. It’s very telling that President Elect Hillary Rodham Clinton has attributed Stewart’s retirement from television as one of the causes for her defeat by President Trump. In other words, Clinton lost her connection to the young viewers that Obama had for eight years. I am enjoying his hissy fit more than I ever enjoyed his Leftist propaganda program.

  4. He’s hungry for attention again and he wants to position himself back in the eyes of the public as a paragon of morality. Typical of people like him with hyperactive ago’s. It’s about gaining influence and the only difference between him and clowns like Sharpton, Jackson and many others is only superficial.

  5. A) Jon Stewart has never been funny in his life. The same writers who wrote for Craig Kilborne or SNL who write snarky things delivered by someone in deadpan and with a straight face has been around for a while now.

    B) it takes a lot of courage to stand up for a controversial cause like healthcare for 9/11 responders. Now do the VA.

  6. I never understood why he appealed to anyone with his idiotic show. All he did was read news items followed by stupid facial expressions. Canned laughter was played after each face, it was really lame.


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