Perillo Tours Dumps on Trump

Remember Mario Perillo, Mr. Italy?

He organized the most popular tours of Italy and his cheesy, but effective, commercials were nauseatingly ubiquitous.

Perillo seemed like a good guy, and his hand-picked tours were popular.

Today, his son runs the business. Steve Perillo. Steve seems more interested in music than the family business. He also know how to alienate half his potential customer base.

Screenshot of Google Maps.

Steve Perillo has responded just today on —>

Too late.


You don’t explain yourself in any meaningful way. The sign is down but I’m not seeing any indication as to where you stand politically. It shouldn’t really matter, but you opened up that can of worms.

I see perhaps someone who is responding to the economic ramifications for having so boldly and painstakingly shouted their beliefs for the world to see.

You have your right to express yourself. And we have the right to post this to let your customer base decide for themselves if they want to spend money with a company that is so political.

Maybe if you painted “I WAS WRONG… MAGA!” on the roof I would update this post.

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  1. Being of Italian descent and having family over there that I’ve visited, I don’t have need of Perillo’s services, but I have recommended him to friends based on reports that friends that have gone on his tours gave me. No more.
    Once I see that someone’s politics don’t jibe with mine, I commence a personal boycott and don’t hesitate to bad mouth that person’s service or product.
    I’m sure your father would have told you to “stutta la boca” and further would have advised you that signage that alienates costs more than the cost to put the signage up.
    But this is a free country and you can go screw yourself, you asswipe.

  2. When I go to buy a product or service, I don’t give any thought to the seller’s political views—-until they make me aware of them. Then I am forced to make a decision.

    Why the hell cant business people keep business and personal life separate?

  3. Pinko, please tell Steve that I said, “Way to torpedo your dad’s legacy, jackass.” and also,
    Or get him on your Monday show to explain himself and I’ll call in and tell him myself. 😉

  4. What’s up with the Libyan, Algerian and morraccans overrunning Bella Italia?

    Awww. Just forget it. I dread the day when I read of those silly enough to take your rose colored glasses tour to an untimely death. It’s coming.

    Start constructing your Broward County type explanation today, Steve O.

  5. FUDGE HIM! :flipoff:

    And when the Mafia takes him hostage, he’ll be crying the loudest for Trump to come &, “save him!” 🙄

  6. Never heard of Perillo Tours until a few night ago I noticed them advertising tours to Italy. Then a little later tours to Hawaii. Was it a new push to counter negative response to the roof top anti Trump sign being noticed? What ever the case I’ve no reason to remember the name.

  7. Steve does not know me as @Mr_Pinko. Unfortunately I know a LOT of LIBTARDS! Unfortunate occupational hazard.
    Next time I speak to Steve I’ll call him out for the asshole that he is. That’s a PROMISE.

  8. Well I noticed there are no posted comments on that particular page. Being his prime demographic, I left him a love note that we will not be darkening his door. Ever.

  9. Another stupid kid of a successful business man becomes liberal after having everything handed to him and runs the old man’s business into the ground. They will never learn.

  10. Thanks for the head’s up! I’ve noticed several commercials for them lately and actually thought about using them for a trip when I retire in a few years. Now, I wouldn’t spend a dime with him if he publicly kissed POTUS Trump’s Butt.

  11. I’m retiring shortly and had planned to got o Italy with my wife for 3-4 weeks. Rome , Amalfi Coast, Florence, Venice. Was going to book with Perillo tours , but the Yelp reviews got me curious and I am now in the process of looking to book with someone else. Virgin Liberty etc., Enough of businesses inserting their politics into their product. Enough.

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