Perks! When your sugar daddy’s the Massachusetts state Senate president

Massachusetts Senate President Stan Rosenberg speaks from behind a podium outside his office at the Statehouse to a throng of media Friday, Dec. 1, 2017, in Boston. Rosenberg said his husband, Bryon Hefner, will soon be entering treatment for alcoholism, one day after The Boston Globe reported that several men had accused Hefner of sexual assault and harassment. Some of the men had professional dealings with the Legislature. (AP Photo/Bob Salsberg)

Howie Carr: Bryon ‘Hands’ Hefner could net $2M from sugar daddy’s benefits. 

Almost two million dollars, maybe even more.

That’s the answer to today’s big question: how much does the 30-year-old Pee Wee Herman lookalike spouse of the 68-year-old state Senate president stand to collect from the taxpayers over the next half-century or so in so-called “survivor benefits” from his sugar daddy’s state pension?

And that doesn’t even include the health insurance that Bryon “Hands” Hefner will get for life for only 20 percent of the cost of the premium.

You may roll your eyes whenever you hear someone refer to the little twink Pee Wee as the “husband” of Stanley Rosenberg, but according to current law, that’s what he is. Celebrate diversity!

And thus young Pee Wee will be eligible to collect the pension of his, ahem, spouse, for as long as he shall live, ‘til death do him part – from the state trough.

This highway robbery, by the way, goes a long way to explaining the unseemly haste of legislature’s pay heist earlier this year. The disgraced Rosenberg, who in the wake of the scandal has now taken what will most likely turn out to be a permanent leave of absence, wanted to make sure his boy toy was taken care of in perpetuity.

So Rosenberg and his House counterpart, the unindicted coconspirator Robert DeLeo, gave themselves 60 percent pay raises and then made them repeal-proof by attaching them to equally monstrous payraises for the state’s very ethical judiciary.

A state pension is based on your three highest earning years. In 2015 and 2016, Rosenberg collected a little more than $100,000 (although, with his legal residence more than 50 miles from the State House, he’s always been to write tens of thousands off his federal income tax, making his real income much higher).

This year, with his ill-gotten gains, Rosenberg is on pace to grab more than $142,000. This is why the hacks attached an “emergency preamble” to their theft, so they could start collecting – and also setting up their eventual kisses in the mail – immediately.  read more

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  1. Yep, good old massachusetts at it again! Folks this is why you need to cut off all funding that is not part of Medicare, Medicaid and OASDI. The bay state treats the rest of America as a disposable trash bag. This will only keep on going until the state is emptied of the self-entitled types.

  2. Never vote for a homo,but more importantly NEVER bake a cake for a homo….Can you get criminally or civilly charged for not voting for a homo?….

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