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Personalized Bible


A Georgia teen spent three months adding personal touches in the margins of a Bible that she gave to her boyfriend for Christmas.   Not everyone appreciated the effort.



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  1. Great story! As a kid who spent his entire school years drawing in the margins I can appreciate it.

  2. To the haters; A stick up your ass is no substitute for a spine. Go thou and procure a life and douche no more.

  3. God bless her and her boyfriend. hope all works out for them as it has for me and my Godly wife who I’ve been with since we were fifteen.

  4. haha, she seems to not only read it but understand it also. Good on them.

  5. what in the world is wrong w/ some people? have they no joy in their own lives? … they have to spread their misery?

    most any good believer’s Bible that I’ve ever seen has notes scribbled on the margins … it’s called learning … it is their personal property, after all

  6. Nothing wrong with writing or highlighting in a Bible. I do in mine. I love to look thru that kids Bible.

  7. “Her favorite annotation is of red and blue characters making a point about judgement ‘because I think not judging others simply because they are not like you is very important and something everyone should live by.’”

    Problem is, that’s not what Christ was warning about in that passage. Remove anything from its context and it’s no longer what it was. Do that with the word of God and you place yourself under a curse. Peter described this, “…which they that are unlearned and unstable wrest, as they do also the other scriptures, unto their own destruction.”

  8. My son “personlized” his bible pages when he was five with stick figures and abstract designs in bright colored markers. It’s one of my most valued possessions.
    God will not send anyone to Hell for innocently scribbling on the pages of the Holy Bible. Mocking God’s Word is another matter. Remember the intentional blasphemous “art”, “p*** Christ”? Now, that’s a big problem.

  9. I’m not particularly religious, but if one of my girlfriends had presented me with a present like that she probably would’ve become a wife. So sweet!

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