PETA’s Stupid Cat Trick

Watch the first 45 seconds of PETA’s new video “Cat Tricks with Rufus” and you’ll be ready to strangle the guy who appears to be abusively trying to train his pet to jump from one stool to the other, but in a world with affordable CGI effects, you’re being shown a fake.


PETA approached Mashable to try to get them to help propagate this garbage, they turned on the animal rights people like a caged animal Here

Based on Mashable’s story, it appears PETA was going to release the rest of the video demonstrating how they did the CGI effects and their ultimate motive, AFTER the “Rufus” portion had been “leaked” to the internet first.


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  1. The PETA lovers on youtube are raving about the “great” cgi.
    That right there shows how stoopid they are.
    I have had cats most of my life and never have I seen one furrow his brow like that.
    That was just a dumb video.
    They are desperate.

  2. PETA. Because the SPCA is too busy actually saving animals to pretend troll-concern about imaginary CGI cruelty to nonexistent CGI ‘cats’.

    BTW, shouldn’t that CGI cat on the CGI stools also be wearing a CGI little pink knit Pussyhat?

  3. @Rufus T Firefly — SPCA is bogus. Boo-hoo inducing commercials just to raise money.
    Look to local Humane Societies for saving animals.

  4. Negative, People Eating Tasty Animals.

    You could tell that one was fake if you’ve
    ever owned a cat.
    I’ve bounced a few off the wall though….

  5. This story doesn’t mention a word about it, but the whole reason for creating this video was to get people talking and thinking about the ways big cats are beaten and whipped to force them to perform silly circus tricks. The video is disturbing–and that’s exactly the point. Every ticket to a circus that uses animals funds abuse.

  6. Wow, this is a really depressing comments thread. I don’t think that it’s stupid to raise awareness about how animals are abused, and PETA always had the intention of disclosing that the cat was CGI. Direct your anger towards the real culprit – circuses that beat animals into submission and bully them into performing.

  7. It’s too bad things didn’t go exactly as planned-to call attention to cruelty to big cats in circuses and other animal acts. They’re kept captive and whipped or beaten to force them to do ridiculous tricks that they can’t comprehend. The message is valid, and as the video shows, with CGI animals, there’s no excuse for using live animals in films or other venues.

  8. What about including PETA’s reply to this matter? PETA’s intent about this video was very clear. The video was intentionally fake, and PETA told Mashable it was fake. PETA always intended to reveal that it was fake. Savvy people and businesses use tactics such as this to draw attention to very real issues, which is exactly what PETA is doing here. And it’s the message of the video that is important. PETA is pointing out that lions and tigers who are whipped, beaten, and screamed at are no different than our own beloved cats.

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