Peter Navarro blasts ‘Swamp Creature’ opponents of ‘Buy American’ order

Spectator USA: White House trade adviser Peter Navarro is hitting back at a group of Big Pharma lobbyists, medical organizations, and free trade groups for opposing President Trump’s proposed ‘Buy American’ executive order reshoring the medical supply chain.

Navarro, the assistant to the president for trade and manufacturing, told The Spectator that Big Pharma’s opposition to the executive order, which would require government agencies to purchase pharmaceutical products made in the US, because it wants to ‘preserve its offshore oligopoly’.

‘All the EO would do is ensure that government agencies, including the VA, HHS, and DoD, Buy American,’ Navarro said. ‘America is more than up to that task and Big Pharma and its well-heeled Swamp Creatures need to stop being such a divisive element in American politics.’

Navarro’s statement is in response to a letter drafted by the Association for Accessible Medicines and signed by over 40 organizations, including PhRMA, the drug industry’s main lobby, that alleges the executive order would ‘destabilize the supply chain’ ‘as we fight a global pandemic.’ read more

6 Comments on Peter Navarro blasts ‘Swamp Creature’ opponents of ‘Buy American’ order

  1. Ph-uuuuck no!

    WET markets from here to, where ever. It’s my right to snack on a bat. Gay Fiero made it hip.

  2. It’s as simple as this, corrupt deep state agencies and deep state politicians of both parties sold America to China since Kissinger was sent to China by Nixon.

    We have literally built China into the commie superpower it is today. Do you think for one minute our deep state bureaucracy and politicians will put America first? Please.

  3. no one thinks the deep state would just step aside and give up their power did they?

    we have to be prepared to pry it from their “COLD DEAD GRASP”!

  4. But China threatening to withhold meds and other supplies DOESN’T ‘destabilize the supply chain’?

  5. Face it, these bastards don’t want to pay the labor costs of having things made here. And when they have to, they just import more 3rd world POS Currie eaters.

  6. Apotex Pharma is a Canadian Company that made Generic Drugs.

    The Owner made a lot of enemies for various reasons, but generally he was manufacturing generic drugs and undercutting prices.
    Some people say that he was creating the generics in a slightly different way to avoid lawsuits (of which there were plenty) and patent issues.

    He and his wife were found Murdered (both hanging from belts) in their home.

    Who would have offed them?

    Some allegations were:
    – contractors they didn’t pay for construction
    – family with beefs
    – A big pharma that they consistently undercut
    – another generic competitor
    – the Chinese to help eliminate an independent maker.

    I have no idea but still no answer YEARS LATTER.


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