Peter Schweizer: Media Went from ‘Defending the Clinton Foundation’ to ‘Pretending It Wasn’t There’ to ‘Saying Shut It Down’

Breitbart: Appearing on Monday’s edition of Breitbart News Daily, Peter Schweizer, president of the Government Accountability Institute and author of the best-selling book Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich (now available in graphic novel format) credited his book’s success to “the hunger and desire people have for real information about our political leaders, in this case Hillary Clinton.”

SiriusXM host Alex Marlow noted that during a fundraising appearance over the weekend, Clinton “sort of implied that she’d like to shut down Breitbart, if she can.”

Schweizer agreed with Marlow that it might be too late for Clinton to save her controversial Clinton Foundation by suppressing dissident news outfits, since even the leftist Huffington Post ran an article over the weekend flatly calling on Clinton to “shut it down.” Schweizer said he was somewhat surprised to see the Huffington Post take such a strong position against the Foundation.  MORE

4 Comments on Peter Schweizer: Media Went from ‘Defending the Clinton Foundation’ to ‘Pretending It Wasn’t There’ to ‘Saying Shut It Down’

  1. Looking at that image I just realized we are into our third decade of the Clinton jackals abusing the system, breaking the law, treason and murder.
    In less than three months we may have another Clinton as president!

    …why I drink!

  2. Still waiting for someone to name one crisis the Clinton Foundation didn’t profit from over the past couple decades.

  3. Hoping they ask for their “access” money back is a pipe dream. More likely, they will send their version of enforcers to deal with these crooks called Clintoon. Imagine how deep in the root cellar Cankles will dig out and hide. If all else fails, Cankles will shove Bill, then Huma at them, and swear they grifted them, not her. Cheap money grubbing skank!

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