Peter Strzok Is Willing To Testify Before Congress, His Lawyer Says

DC: Former FBI official Peter Strzok is willing to testify voluntarily before Congress in an effort “to clear his name,” his attorney says.

“Special Agent Strzok, who has been fully cooperative with the [Department of Justice] Office of Inspector General, intends to voluntarily appear and testify before your committee and any other Congressional committee that invites him,” a lawyer for Strzok, Aitan Goelman, said in a letter sent Saturday to House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte. more

17 Comments on Peter Strzok Is Willing To Testify Before Congress, His Lawyer Says

  1. And why wouldn’t he? With friends like Wray and Rosenstein CYA, I’m sure he feels safe navigating a few BS committees tossing softball questions.

    Naw, much like McCabe’s suit against DOJ/FBI, they’re on a PR campaign to muddy the waters, run out the clock, and clear their names via their friends in the Press.

  2. That will be a big cya hearing for Strzok. Trying to head off anyone who might have any dirt on him and who would also be trying to cover their rear ends.
    Make him sweat.

  3. Might as well, nobody is getting fired, nobody going to jail. Might as well get his name out there a little more to help book sales.

  4. Yes, and as Sundance points out, after a year or more of being coached he will easily spin the proper answers to a narrow set of questions that don’t require immunity.

    K Street already owns the committee members.

  5. Don’t give him a forum to screw us any more than he has. The only forum I want to give him is a criminal trial.

  6. STRZOK! is an old Stan Lee/Jack Kirby sound effect. Wonder if BFH can whip us up a ‘shop of that…maybe his head on the Mole Man or something.

  7. Why we continue to afford him a paycheck is unconscionable. Interestingly enough today FOXNews is all over immigration and has let the IG report cool off a bit. But according to Ryan & Tryewop the hammer is supposed to drop on the swamp hedgehogs this week. Congress should redact people like McCabe’s pension fund ….

  8. This posturing is no different than Comey or Hillary saying they are seeking higher office or any other pious pursuit. It is crafted to leave a doubt, and makes a person wonder if their taking the high ground is for a good reason.
    Let them all take the high ground so when they jump there will be room for their toes to wiggle unrestricted just above the ground.

  9. Testimony; lying like a snake while under oath; it’s all the same to a democrat.
    Clear his name?
    Pretty clear your name is shit to the party in charge.

  10. Either he’s planning to lie to Congress because he knows that’s no longer illegal, for all practical purposes, or he’s worried he’s being set up as the fall guy to protect McCabe & Comey from criminal charges.


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