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Petition to Remove Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin


Petition to Remove Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin:

No institution in America – from government offices to schoolrooms to corporate boardrooms and beyond – is safe today from the divisive racism of Critical Race Theory and the “1619 Project.” both of which posit that United States history is rooted in slavery and white supremacy, and that “whiteness” is an incurable disease. The institution whose subversion poses the greatest threat to our national security is the U.S. military, whose head is Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin. General Austin is a determined advocate of these repulsive anti-American views.

As Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin has incorporated both Critical Race Theory and the 1619 Project as core elements of the Pentagon’s military training programs, under the guise of “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.” He has further ordered a purging of the military ranks of what he calls “extremists,” defined as opponents of these noxious views and supporters of former president Donald Trump.The consequence of dividing our troops by race and gender, and regarding one community of Americans as oppressors and beneficiaries of race and gender-based privileges is a direct threat to unit cohesion and military morale, the core elements of an effective military force. MORE

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  1. In honor of Juneteenth, i’m going to call a spade a spade.

    This guy needs to go before he totally screws up the defense of our country.

  2. With the newest federal holiday, federal employees now get 44 paid days off per year.

    The entire gov’t is nothing but an operation to transfer everything there is from us to them.

  3. This guy is is cut from the same cloth as South African Communist ANC Mandela/Mugabe monsters! Put him in South Africa 50 years ago and he would be lighting up people with a diesel-filled Goodyear tire around their neck!

    They just hired 48,500 over paid
    do nothing cubicle squatters and
    key board peckers whick get paid
    DOUBLE the private sector and have golden
    bennies with golden insurance.

  5. Lloyd Autism is a useful idiot on the scale of Lori Lightfoot.

    He was awarded the silver star during the Iraq war. He was never in combat. What a joke of a human.

  6. @Antidote

    If you play around in a government cesspool long enough you are bound to find a turd or two eventually!

  7. No longer the US Military, it’s the Bendover Military. It’ll show it’s true colors soon enough.

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