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Pfizer Gets Ratioed

It seems whoever handles Pfizer’s Twitter account forgot to turn off the comments. It’s a thing of beauty watching Twitter users take a swing at Big Pharma now that Project Veritas has caught them out, but really what were they expecting when they tweet garbage like this.

Vaccines are one of modern medicine’s greatest success stories, having eradicated smallpox, nearly eliminated polio, and reduced other diseases to record low numbers of infections. What exactly do they do?

Pfizer’s Twitter page Here

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  1. YouTube deleted the original video “for violating YouTube’s terms of service”, which is bullshit. YouTube is ideologically aligned with Pfizer, so it probably didn’t take any arm-twisting on Pfizer’s part to get them to do it, but the prospect of losing ad revenue probably wasn’t an afterthought.

  2. Most likely inadmissible in court, because he wasn’t informed that he was being recorded.
    He will disappear to a Caribbean island or just disappear.
    Testimony of the truth is irrelevant.

  3. “Andrew
    Jan 26
    Replying to
    Those are actual vaccines developed by companies not named Pfizer. In truth, you’re the pharma company that paid the 2nd largest settlement in history for kickbacks related to pushing drugs to be used off label, harming potentially millions of people.”

  4. Pfizer: A testament to the following of the “Holy $”. Phuck the peasants, they’re just there for us to bleed.

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