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Pfizer head Albert Bourla is a veterinarian

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9 Comments on Pfizer head Albert Bourla is a veterinarian

  1. While we’ve made great progress, the virus is still with us.

    What do you mean “us” monkey-boy?

    At this point, I wonder how many of us pure-bloods who have symptoms and test positive are actually experiencing a toxic reaction to spike protein shedding by others?

  2. There’s NO WAY this vaxhole took the jab! The “test” has an outrageously high false positive default.
    Being a veterinarian, he damn sure knows how effective Ivermectin is. A double pox on this vile criminal

  3. Come on guys.
    Give him a break.
    He’s been jabbed 4 or 5 times now & currently has rebound COOF.

    Either that, or he’s trying to avoid Jail time by claiming he is also a victim of his own scoience’s best intentions…

  4. I have zero trust in anyone selling or pushing death stabs. He’ll have thousands of pals in hell to fry with. The devil will be gagging on the smell of his skin.

  5. I will object to this headline. My ex is a veterinarian and I helped her get through vet school. In an emergency situation, I’d rather have a DVM try to save me than an MD.

    The issue with Bourla is not that he is a DVM, it is that he is greedy POS! He put Pfizer profits ahead of our safety.

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