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Pfizer’s Covid Vaccine Impacts Male Fertility

The establishment line right now is that the Pfizer vaccine has no impact on fertility. Here

A review of the documents Pfizer wanted to suppress for 75 years tells a different story.

mRNA vaccine ingredients travel throughout the body and gather in organs, including in the testes. [“A Tissue Distribution Study of a [3H]-Labelled Lipid Nanoparticle-mRNA Formulation Containing ALC-0315 and ALC-0159 Following Intramuscular Administration in Wistar Han Rats,”, p. 24.]

mRNA vaccines resulting in “anti-sperm antibodies” – that is to say, antibodies that treat sperm as an “invader”, and damage or kill it – is a known adverse event related to this form of vaccination. [“5.3.6 Cumulative Analysis of Post-Authorization Adverse Event Reports of PF-07302048 (BNT162B2) Received Through 28-Feb-2021,”, p. 30.] [Salvador, Zaira, and Sandra Fernández. “What Are Antisperm Antibodies? – Causes & Treatment.” InviTRA, 8 Jan. 2019,]

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18 Comments on Pfizer’s Covid Vaccine Impacts Male Fertility

  1. It causes miscarriages too.

    And God knows what hell it wreaks on a developing foetus that somehow survives.

    ONLY God knows.

    Because NONE of the vaxx makers EVER did any studies for teratogenic or mutanagenic effects before it was pronounced “sAfE aNd EfFeCTiVe” for pregnant women.

    I’m pretty sure I saw the vaxx kill a baby just a week ago today.

    But as is always the case in these medical/government partnership times, its impossible to be sure.

    Because no one who CAN be sure is even asking the QUESTION.

  2. The virus was only released (deliberately) to gin up fear, and convince sheeple to take the poisonous mRNA cocktail. It has been carefully crafted to eliminate “useless eaters”through a variety of conditions and diseases, spread out over minutes to decades. The wide range of injurious/fatal consequences, and the extended time frame of said conditions will allow so-called experts plausible deniability of any connection to the shit shot. Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, and the WEF minions are dancing with glee at the institution of their global depopulation scheme.

  3. Sure run right out to the pharmacy and ask to get a vaccine that had not had a complete pre-clinical evaluation. That’s the way to gamble your health away out of fear.

  4. Millions still lined up for the new booster.

    The SC today refused to hear challenges to federal vax mandates. What ever happened to personal autonomy?

    Anyone that doubts we’re on the highway to hell isn’t paying attention.

  5. Problem is it’s too late. Those who took it can only hope they were in the saline group.

  6. And Bill Gates still doesn’t understand why people hate him and why they’re angry with him. He’s a monster.

  7. joe6pak, that’s why although I don’t raise my own beef anymore I buy from a local rancher and know exactly what goes into their cows.
    I still raise my own chickens and pork and most of my veggies.

  8. So, we’ve been saved from anthropomorphic climate change!? Huzzah!

    (I mean, before we have time to burn to death in all the snow, all the dumb people will be gone — with none of their, even dumber, spawn left to vote. Huzzah!)

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