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Phil and Jimmy Agree, Six More Weeks of Winter


Pennsylvania’s most famous groundhog emerged from his burrow on a cold Thursday morning and saw his shadow, declaring there would be six more weeks of winter.  Punxsutawney Phil made his prediction as a deadly storm wreaked havoc in the South and the Northeast was bracing for a dangerous Arctic blast. Chill

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Sun Prairie’s famous weather-predicting rodent (Jimmy) saw his shadow early Thursday during the 75th annual Groundhog Prognostication Event held in Cannery Square in downtown, meaning we’re in line for six more weeks of winter, per Groundhog Day tradition. Cool

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  1. I’ve got Carolina Wrens building a nest under the carport & Wood ducks fighting over nest boxes in the swamp, haven’t seen the Blue Birds yet but it won’t be long. It did snow February 10 a few years ago. Weather on the Gulf coast.

  2. Well at least DeBlasio didn’t kill a nuther one, altho I am surprised the Left hasn’t twisted Phil’s leg yet to get him to predict Global Warming!

  3. Let’s see, 1st week of Feb, six more weeks it’s the first day of Spring.
    Great prognostication there, about as good as Global Climate Change…


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