Philadelphia: 33K Pounds of Cocaine Seized in One of Biggest US Drug Busts

Epoch Times:

PHILADELPHIA—U.S. authorities seized 33,000 pounds, or 15,000 kilograms, of cocaine from a ship at Philadelphia’s port in what they described as one of the largest drug busts in American history.

They said the haul could have been worth more than $1 billion on the street.

The U.S. attorney’s office in Philadelphia announced the massive bust on Twitter on Tuesday afternoon, saying that law enforcement agents found the cocaine on a ship at the Packer Marine Terminal. Two members of the crew were arrested and face federal charges.

Agents with dogs swarmed the colossal ship Tuesday afternoon, including one officer who could be seen climbing into the back of a large red container on wheels. Court documents said the bust began Monday.

An affidavit alleged that crew members helped load the cocaine onto the MSC Gayane while it was at sea off the west coast of South America. Citing an interview with one of the crew members, authorities said a total of 14 boats approached the vessel on two separate occasions during its voyage. Several crew members allegedly helped transfer bales of cocaine. more here

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  1. Obummer and Clinton are bummed out today. Loss of income for them, and less snorting for them. Poor babies.

  2. Anyone else here watch “The Wire”? Wouldn’t there have been port workers who would have known about the shipments, too?

  3. @Tony R JUNE 19, 2019 AT 10:25 AM
    Funny, but you never heard of busts like this from 2009 thru 2016.

    Just because Hezbollah was running drug operations throughout Central and South America during Obama’s reign doesn’t mean that we would turn a blind eye to drug interdiction on our own turf so as not to mess up the Iran deal. Right?

  4. I’ll bet there are more then a few headless corpses showing up on the west coast of South America this morning. This could be a chance to gain a lot if information from the Captain and his Officers about the routes and players. Just offer to send them back to their home port with lots of fanfare about how much help they were.
    Oh, and about the ship. Pump it dry of POL (Petrol, Oil and Lubricants) and anything else deemed bad for the ocean and take her out and use it for torpedo practice for the US navy.

  5. Drug Smuggling pretty much Funded all of the Offshore Racing in the

    80’s…So whenever a big shipment gets busted…I always Joke

    “There goes My Sponsor Money !”

    Some of the Boat Manuf. were blatant…”Midnight Express” (still

    in business) Still makes Me laugh..I Have a Reformed Friend, that

    has “Night Racing Champions 83′ 84’& 85′ on His Boat.

  6. I guess South America doesn’t know that old story about putting all your eggs in one basket.

    I imagine whoever decided to make this shipment has a rather short life expectancy now.


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