Philadelphia: Driver mows down pedestrians, attacks cop, then gets shot – IOTW Report

Philadelphia: Driver mows down pedestrians, attacks cop, then gets shot

Geller Report: Philadelphia terror fears after driver mows down pedestrians. A police spokesman confirmed this afternoon terror was being considered as motivation. The driver was shot dead by police after “trying to run people over” in Philadelphia, with investigators confirming terror is being treated as a possible motive.

“I just heard, ‘Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop,’ and knew something was going down,” said witness Marc DiBattistaMORE

14 Comments on Philadelphia: Driver mows down pedestrians, attacks cop, then gets shot

  1. I’m reading he was shot by an armed off duty cop. A good guy with a concealed fire arm. Passing that damn Nation Wide Carry would have a huge impact on shit like this.

  2. Not releasing the suspect’s name? That can only mean one thing: he shouted the old aloha snackbar shout.

  3. The city of brothaly love. You better come armed.

  4. Perfect timing if it was another immigrant, diversity lottery winner, brought here as a child etc.

  5. Virginia license and plate from Maryland. Sound like this was a Muslim or a criminal illegal aliens. Maryland is the place that’s some of the 9-1-1 was living free before killing Americans citizens. And also in Virginia the evil SOB got the license from Virginia to kill Americans on 9-1-1 . So I’m not surprised.

  6. If they don’t release the name does it mean it’s Moe Hammy ?

  7. An anonymous, but informed source told a friend of mine that he was yelling “Erin Go Bragh” at the top of his voice. I cannot verify at this time.

  8. my guess – Eagle fan that didn’t want to go thru the heartbreak of watching Tom Brady win another … NO FAIR!

  9. Without reading at the link, let me gaze into my cracked and cloudy crystal orb………the now deceased is a muzzie, on jihad, inspired by his fellow jihadis to shout “aloha snackbar” and use an automobile as a weapon.
    Well, now, instead of his reward of 72 raisins, he’s being screwed in the ass with the 72 barbed cocks of Shaitan for eternity. Piss be upon him.

  10. They used the word “terror” three times in that first paragraph. I think they’re trying to tell us something.

  11. obama built this.

  12. Obnoxious Philedelphians get mowed down so I don’t have to do it.

    They are like New Jersians w/o all that charm and charisma.

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