Philippines’ Duterte threatens vaccine decliners with jail, animal drug

“I’ll have you arrested and I’ll inject the vaccine in your butt.”

MANILA, June 22 (Reuters) – Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte, frustrated by the slow pace of COVID-19 vaccinations in his country, threatened people who refuse to get inoculated with jail or an injection of Ivermectin, an anti-parasite drug widely used to treat animals.

Ivermectin has been touted as an alternative treatment for COVID-19 but U.S. and European regulators and the World Health Organization (WHO) have recommended against it.

“You choose, vaccine or I will have you jailed,” Duterte said in a televised address late on Monday, following reports of low turnout at several vaccination sites in the capital Manila.

“But for as long as you are here and you are a human being, and can carry the virus, get vaccinated.

“Otherwise, I will order all the village captains to have a tally of the people who refuse to be vaccinated. Because if not, I will have Ivermectin meant for pigs injected into you.” more

22 Comments on Philippines’ Duterte threatens vaccine decliners with jail, animal drug

  1. Tyrants gotta tyrant!

  2. It really makes ya wonder about the vaccine when you see this and think some of our so-called “leaders” are thinking the same way… not acting on it yet, but talking a similar mentality!!

  3. Ivermestin is a powerful and very effective drug for things just like this I have some at home just in case

  4. He looks like an expert in… “BUTT injections.” 🤩

    He needs Pete Buttplug to be HIS V-P!

    Cos’ we SURE don’t need him HERE! 😳

  5. 2.1 million people jabbed in a country of 111 million people. So he just threatened 108.9 million people with jail, 98.1% of the population.

    Better get building prisons.

  6. He’s oblivious to the history of the term “Molon Lave”. After making that statement, he better hope his subjects are equally oblivious.

  7. The clinical studies on the effectiveness of Ivermectin are through the roof. I keep it at home as well.

  8. Just what they want here, and then some. Remember, you’re the big prize. You always have been. Humans are ruthless even after the Enlightenment.

    Human nature never changes, and let unguarded will consume all.

  9. How about I just take the Ivermectin and we call it a day? Hold the needle, please. Don’t trust you at all.

  10. 1) told pope to fuck off
    2) called Obama, “Son of a Whore”
    3) threatened to and did Shoot drug dealers in the street.
    4) does not bend over for the religion of peace.
    I love the bastage, and so do all the Filipinos I know.

    So there is ONE THING I don’t agree with. His country, his rules.

    I Took both shots because I HAD to. I worked every Day and made money for my kids. No side effects yet. They will force it in Canuckistan Period. This ain’t the USA and we DO NOT HAVE a Desantis or similar. We also have no 2a and technically no Freedom of the press since Turdeau Bought it and legislated it.

    Reality up here…

  11. I had an opportunity to swap duty stations for the Phillipines back in the late 1980s. I am SO glad I passed on it. I always wondered what happened to the guy who had to go, tho’…


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