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Philly Mayor Celebrates His City’s Sanctuary Status

An Obama appointed federal district judge, Michael Baylson ruled Wednesday that the federal government can not withhold grants from Philadelphia based on their unwillingness to cooperate with immigration officials. Mayor James Kenny was so pleased with the ruling he just had to celebrate. Watch

Given the record of other cities who have made themselves a magnet for law breakers, I doubt they’ll be dancing in the streets in coming years in the “City of Brotherly Love.”

7 Comments on Philly Mayor Celebrates His City’s Sanctuary Status

  1. Thanks for the campaign ad material for his opponent. Or any Republican fighting sanctuary city/state Dems because they all think this way.

  2. It’s a GRANT you leftist, black robe-wearing cretin. Look up the meaning of the word.

    The administration can do as they please with the $$$.

  3. They may not be able to stop grants already issued to the chitty, but they can stop future grants…enjoy, Philistines, as your city crumbles about you.

    Note to the great Philly folks here; nothing personal, but maybe time to lam outta there!

  4. I can see his opposition add now. Show a picture of an illegal alien criminal. Show the mayor dancing. Show a picture of a victim. Show the mayor dancing. Smooth move dumbass.

  5. Uh, pretty sure Constitution clearly gives the President, not activist judges, responsibility for all matters related to immigration. Has been affirmed by Supreme Court several times since President Trump took office. When MS-13 types figure out the mayor is on their side, it’s not going to end well.

  6. This is just stone throwing by triggered brats. Feeble tantrums that will have the reverse effect they want.

  7. well done Philly Mayor, released an illegal immigrant #Juanramonvasquez on an ICE detainer…..and came back to rape a child….dance on, I hope the hell the parents of that child sue the hell out of you…yes violent illegals first, US Citizens and children second…..

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