Philly Patriots Protect a Target Store and Deliver Message On Air

14 Comments on Philly Patriots Protect a Target Store and Deliver Message On Air

  1. She said, ‘a political message’. yeah, lady, the rioters shared a political message, too. But do you see the difference?

  2. She’s a terrible reporter. She would probably be alright just sitting at the desk reading the teleprompter.
    She clearly was annoyed at the group.

  3. Media-Trump crazed racists threaten violence as they deny reparations to deserving African Americans.

  4. She couldn’t be MORE DISGUSTED that Trump people are making themselves look good on camera. AND they had a few black people with them? DAMN! Can’t take my mask off, sneer at them and call them “white.”


  5. The reporter seemed annoyed that the “protectors” were Trump45 supporters and America supporters.

    No peace……NO QUARTER.

  6. Given that Target is fully on the side of the Marxist Leninist camp (think trannies in the ladies room), patriots should find another place to defend.

  7. ..and then the reporter goes home and complains about this to her BLM boyfriend as they go through the loot he got elsewhere. It was OK, but she REALLY wanted that air fryer and it was a Target EXCLUSIVE, so nothing past oral sex for him TONIGHT…

  8. MJA
    JUNE 1, 2020 AT 12:53 PM
    “…Maybe she’s more comfortable around fire and shards of glass.”

    …or she’s more comfortable watching guys of a different complexion being all gangsta as she picks one out for, you know, “later”, ’cause the flames and and the sweat get her quite frisky…

  9. I wonder how she liked that there were black and white people there? Couldn’t claim racism.

  10. I wanted to see those guys with
    AR’S and side arms with vests and helmets.
    ALL of them!

  11. Should be happening everywhere.
    See if any of the MSM has the balls to run this story. From the big time anchors, to the lowly new reporters, none of them have had the balls to challenge the MSM narrative. Push them all to the toilet and pull the handle. That where this shit belongs.


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