Phoenix Man Apparently Points Gun at Cops, Gets Shot

 Somehow This Is Injustice, Protest Time Again.

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  1. I live in Phoenix. The first thing I thought of when I heard the perp’s sister claim he was sleeping is “Who sleeps in a 170 degree car”? And, “How would you know he wasn’t armed, you weren’t there”? Obviously this will undercut anything she says.

  2. hey come on now….

    who does not sleep in a car that is easily hotter than your oven is when cooking a steak?

    This guy was so innocent that satan himself will work his defense fund and, oh wait…. BLM does NOT help brown people or latino’s so I guess Sharpton will have to chase another ambulance for his next pay day.

  3. Why the violent rioters over something that shouldn’t cause violence?

    People are on edge and primed to go off at any second.

    The triggering event is not necessarily related to why they are on edge to start with and may have virtually nothing to do with it.

    Like old and unstable dynamite, it can go off from any disturbance at all or even spontaneously all on its own.

  4. Sounds like ‘suicide by cop’ – the most gutless of a gutless choice; make someone else do your dirty work for you.

  5. I call BS. Nobody who lives in Phoenix believes this guy was “sleeping” in his car in the summer. Two minutes after you turn the car off it’s an oven.

  6. If you can fry an egg in about 30 minutes on a sidewalk, there is no way this guy was sleeping in his car, your brain would literally cook. Oh wait, nothing to see here, his mind was already roasted.

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