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Photo I.D. For Food Stamp Card

In order to fight an estimated $6 million in fraud annually, Wisconsin legislators are preparing to add a photo to the FoodShare card.

Foodshare Fraud

Democrats are rolling out the usual objections, it cost too much and it’s too much of a burden on participants.


Legislators are also considering a “two strike” rule that tosses people out of unemployment benefits for seven years if they are caught defrauding the system twice.



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  1. The notice – not to be used for voter ID – must be in the very fine print. Or maybe large bold print on the back. With a toll free number to report anyone asking for an ID at the voting poll facility.

  2. “… that tosses people out of unemployment benefits for seven years if they are caught defrauding the system twice.”

    Why wait? These people are bigger morons than those defrauding the taxpayers – well, I guess they’re ALL defrauding the taxpayers – DUH!

    Who’s the coconut head in this story?
    Has to be the taxpayers.

  3. Long overdue. Sick of watching folks, who look perfectly capable of working, paying for an entire cart full of food with half a dozen EBT cards. They all seem to have money for tats, bling, clothes, and cars one helluva lot more expensive than mine. And their lil chilens are screaming little undisciplined brats running all over the store like tornadoes. Nice to seem them pull steaks outta their clothing just before getting into their cars.

  4. The dude funneling the $$ isn’t going to care who’s photo is on the card, you know the place that doesn’t really have food, only cigs, beer, & pornos. After 7-1/2 years of massive fraud this will be a good start to the clean-up’.

  5. Maybe there ought to be added that anyone (store, etc) that is caught aiding and abetting EBT card fraud also gets tossed out of the system, no longer able to accept EBT “money”. A few strokes of the computer keyboard, and voila!

    Yeah. And THAT’S gonna go over like a diarrhea diaper in the middle of Sunday sermon.

  6. How many gender options will there be? What happens if they all show up wearing a Burqua? Who pays for the Photo ID? Lots of questions need to be answered!

  7. You mean for suspending someone for 7 years after their caught THE SECOND time and not tossing them into jail the first time they’re caught?

    Because that’s what bothered me about that part of the story.

    Defraud the state once, it goes on your permanent record. Defraud the state twice and then they do something about, and you don’t even go to jail?

    And of course Democrats will find that too harsh, to vindictive against the “poor.”

  8. There’s a $7 million start up cost, which I assume means getting the new photo / card machines in all the welfare offices across the state. I’m also assuming the state just gives the new card to the person qualified for food stamps. They just have to come into the welfare office and get their new card made.

    It will make it harder for those who buy food stamp cards for cash to use those cards once they’ve gathered a bunch of the them.

    Why the person of food stamps might have to take a shopping list from their old buyers and sell the grocers instead of just selling the card at a discount.

    It’s going to make it more of a pain in the ass for these lazy f*ck to get their booze and drug money but not impossible.

  9. Yes. I wasn’t very clear. Fraud should be a crime the first time it’s discovered, and, if the taxpayers (the sovereign) are defrauded, the perpetrators should get jail time.

  10. The last remaining community bank closed here 2 years ago. One of the features of their free checking was your photo on the Debit cards they issued. One of the best ideas to prevent fraud I have ever seen. Once they went under and the big banks all took over, that was the end of that.

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