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PHOTOS: Fields of trash left by ‘environmentalists’ after pipeline protest

American Thinker: People who claim to care about the environment left enough evidence behind at a recent protest site to make others wonder about their sincerity.

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall tweeted aerial footage from the Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota showing fields of trash left after protesters abandon the site.

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  1. The tan wall tent in the center of the picture is worth thousands and I bet some hunters picked it up and have in there garage.
    What a bunch of pigs the left are, the leaders or anyone that they know was protesting there needs to have a court ordered fine mailed to them for littering, each piece counts as one max cost.

  2. ‘a court ordered fine mailed to them for littering’

    like that’s gonna happen. they’re too busy looking for something else protest about, gotta keep moving to keep warm.

  3. Hmm. Best evidence yet they aren’t funding their own protests. Few would leave expensive camp set-ups like that wall tent. Are the tee pees from the campers, too? They’re even more expensive.

  4. Shows the deep pockets paying for the protests. No one would have left any of that if it was personal property.

    Follow the money, then prosecute.

  5. “hey, if I really cared about any cause I wouldn’t just stand around holding my starbucks and screaming meaningless slogans in unison with my fellow slackers and throwing garbage around.

    i’d get out and physically help my fellow man rather than demand ‘the government’ do it.”

  6. I know a couple folks (friends) who honestly cared about and supported this effort. I said at the time that it’s all about money and nothing else. Turns out I was right. So sad to see my friends faced with this revealing crap. It doesn’t matter the validity of the cause, the majority see it as another opportunity to party. Liberals are immature and irresponsible, if nothing else.

  7. A bunch of us here in NEO are in our own pipeline battle based on property and constitutional rights. When out-of-country corporations can take land from Americans via eminent domain with NO proof of public benefit, that’s just wrong.

    When local patchouli activists made a big deal in December about loading up supplies to take to Standing Rock and asked us to help, my response was FUCK YOU. Here’s a pipeline in your own backyard, and you don’t even acknowledge it? Up yours.

    Now that a FERC rubberstamp approval of this pipeline seems fairly certain, the overall mood seems to be turning leftist and political instead of what it has been: legal. (One founding property rights activist has taken to blaming Republicans openly, even though all progress to date on this project has been under The Boy King’s watch.) I can’t back that. Organizations involved with Standing Rock are now wanting to get involved in our fight, bringing in the same littering, shit-on-the-ground, disrespect for law and order activity we saw in ND.

    Now not only will I have to stand against the pipeliners, I’ll have to watch out for idiot pseudo-environmentalist anarchists at the same time.

    I can’t go there. I won’t go there. I’m pissed beyond measure.

  8. I gotta say, Abigail is on to something. Some of those tents are worth a couple hundred bucks each and teepees are hugely expensive to replace — and take three people to put up. I’d love to have them for our scouts. Soros wouldn’t fund them though.

  9. When people left Tea Party rallies they would not only clean up the area they would scour the grass and remove old cigarette butts and pull tabs. The place would always be cleaner than before.

  10. the Left are like garbage dump seagulls and disease-ridden pigeons – ALWAYS SHITTING IN THEIR OWN NEST

  11. They’re miscreant children, driven solely by FEELINGS. As such, there is no outcome except satiation of those feelings.

    This is why the Left cannot see its own hypocrisy or contradictions.

  12. @flip, every time I smell Patchouli, it’s Frisco flashbacks.
    If you remember the ’60s, you weren’t there.
    Wish I had saved the concert posters.

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