Physicist: Climate Scientists Are Giving Science a Bad Name

Breitbart: Climate scientists are giving science a bad name, says a leading atmospheric physicist in an essay on the global warming debate.

Professor Garth Paltridge, formerly a chief scientist with Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) Division of Atmospheric Research, says that the behavior of certain members of the climate science establishment is “seriously threatening the public’s perception of the professionalism of scientists in general.”

Many climate scientists are much less sure about man-made global warming than they will admit in public, he says. But rather than reach out to skeptics in order to open up the debate and explore the uncertainties, they have instead closed ranks and rubbished anyone who disagrees with them:

Some of the more vocal of the establishment climate researchers have fallen into a mode of open denigration of climate sceptics (“deniers” is the offensive popular terminology of the day). They insist that only researchers directly within the climate-change community are capable of giving authoritative advice. They insist that one can find true and reputable science only in peer-reviewed climate literature. But most significantly, they seem to have evolved a policy of deliberately excluding sceptics from climate-change forums of one sort or another, and indeed of refusing to take part in any forum where sceptics may share the podium.

Their high-handedness, Paltridge says, is redolent of “medieval religion”:  more

12 Comments on Physicist: Climate Scientists Are Giving Science a Bad Name

  1. I put climate scientists in the same class as soccer players with fake injuries.

    F’ing soccer scientists!

  2. I don’t know why “climate scientists” are such an embarrassment, they’re not using any form science and don’t claim to!

  3. I’ve been called a “denier” before. I corrected the speaker on the spot and insisted I be referred to as a “Heretic”. Not sure they got it though.

  4. Good, except that “medieval religion” (I suppose that means the RCC) was not anti-science like leftists say it is. The left today is much worse than medieval religion.

    The RCC actually sponsored many scientific breakthroughs. I’m not catholic but credit is due the church for supporting science in the so-called dark ages.

  5. “Climate Scientists” – that’s rich!
    Oxymoron or just the regular moron?

    Globaloney Warming Mongers have nothing to do with “science” and everything to do with promoting false religion. Just listen to their shtick.

    izlamo delenda est …


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