Pickleball Was Started by a Republican

Yes, I play.

TIL that it was started by a republican congressman.

I knew the story of its origins, but never looked up to see what party the inventor, Joel Pritchard, was affiliated with.

The story is kinda cool.

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  1. I read the title and clicked because…

    What The Fuck Is a Pickle Ball?

    Never heard of it.
    Never seen it.
    Didn’t know it existed.


    Canadians always struggle with the identity question of what makes us different from Americans. There are a lot of small differences (most involving firearms which is why I feel more American)

    The obvious answer is now clear: PICKLE BALL

    And by the way, when you folks talk about playing “Corn Hole”, that ain’t a board game thing up here either.

  2. You guys would be surprised, it really is a good game. One of its problems is that it has a bad name. There is a better game than pickleball though, and it has a worse name. Wacketball, what are these people thinking? It’s played on the same court as pickleball, the difference is it’s played with a foam ball and a racquetball racquet.

  3. We used to have paddles like that at college in the fraternity.

    As a pledge, for entry to the fraternity, you’d hang upside down from a tree, naked, with grapes stuck in your ass and take a beating from the paddle until grape juice ran from ass to head. No one else did this? LOL, we had quite the brotherhood, much of it was naked. Pretty sure our hazings would get the frat kicked off campus these days.

  4. I don’t know, just play tennis. My wife, before she was my wife, hit me in the balls with a serve from behind. I went forehead first into the clay. I was toast.


    “What happened?”

    (puking on the court)

  5. @ecp

    Nothing should be stuck up your ass ever.
    Ever ever never.
    Nothing up your ass.

    Period. Exclamation point! Any Questions?

    N E V E R!

  6. Erik, I’ve played quite a bit of tennis too. It’s hard on my knees and arm joints. These games are a lot easier on old guys.

  7. I was the “net” cat. Quite skilled. And then that.

    My Brother busted out laughing. “What’s wrong?”

    “Ug, ehh… ehhh…”

    I never played “net” again. I don’t think I ever played tennis again.

  8. Kcir….you guys sweep ice in front of a slowly moving, fat hockey puck with a handle.

    Drop thy stone brother, for Canadaland is a glass house.

  9. @I’m Married

    My wife does the sweeping.
    Only things I do with Ice are Hockey & Whisky.

    And i agree with you.

  10. Kcir, you don’t seem very Canadian. I’ve yet to see you apologize, for anything.

    Are you like an American P.O.W.or something?

  11. Agreed Kcir, don’t apologize for the douche-bags in control now.

    We are all in the fraternity of Patriots.
    Yes Brad, ever Tucker…sigh*

  12. Great story.
    Pickleball is pretty fun if you play with the right people.
    I played once a week for a while but too many people take it too seriously and the people who didn’t went to FL for the winter so haven’t played in a while.

  13. 9Kcir, I told the proctologist that, repeatedly, but he wasn’t buying it.
    At least I think he was the proctologist…

  14. Establishment Republicans pickled their balls and handed them over to their Democrat handlers…. no shit

  15. I kicked ass at Pickle Ball back in high school. Only place you could play around these parts was in P.E. class in the upper gym.

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