Picture of Paris Orly airport gunman moments after he was shot dead by French security forces

So he’s known to be nuts, but they won’t do anything until the mushroom cloud rises. Mirrors the leftist approach taken towards the Norks, Iran, and more. Picture of the dead murderer. – The BigOwe

The man was killed after he stole a soldier’s firearm and took refuge in a shop around an hour after he shot and wounded a police officer in Paris’ northern outskirts

Police sources told Reuters he was a “radicalised Muslim known to intelligence services”.

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  1. Must be frightening to find yourself in an airport and one second later Pinhead is torturing your soul in Hell.

    F.D.R.? Send a pic of Abu getting a pitchfork rammed up his ass. I need a good laugh. 🙃

  2. I recommend the Israeli practice: After we eliminate the perpetrator we go after the family and tear down their house.

    How do you like me now???

  3. + 500 on HELO’s post.

    Only, we might not be able to do that until the left is reduced by the muzzies and resistance to this method vanishes.

  4. Let’s nip this Martyrdom issue right in the Bud.
    Announce that all terrorists killed will be immediately ground up and fed to pigs.
    See how many volunteers they get then.

  5. One solution would be have cans of atomized pig parts. Make sure the spraying scene is well covered by the media. Volunteers should go down quickly. Take a belief [avoiding contact with pigs] and use that knowledge against them. Turn about is fair play!

  6. Jerry Mandarin is right. One second, here. A split second later, there. Forever there. Never stopping “there.” Eternally “there.” And if any virgins are waiting for you, they are NOT the kind you want to see. Surprise!!

  7. well … he got his wish … he said he wanted to die for Allah

    hey! … that’s it! … let’s have a ‘Make a Wish’ for Muzzies!!!

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