Piers Morgan: Ivanka should be a role model but Hillary’s hateful losers are so bitter they will stoop to ANYTHING to get at her dad

Yeah, I know. I had to scroll up and look at the author’s name twice while I was reading.  lol

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Six weeks ago, Ivanka Trump was sitting with her husband and their three young children aboard a commercial JetBlue flight departing from JFK airport.

Another passenger, Brooklyn employment attorney Daniel Goldstein, approached her and began screaming taunts.

‘Your father is ruining the country!’ he bellowed, as he held his own baby in his owns.

Then he screamed at JetBlue staff. ‘Why is she on our flight? She should be flying private!’

Goldstein’s husband, a Hunter College professor named Matthew Lasner, tweeted gleefully from the plane seconds before the incident: ‘Ivanka and Jared at JFK T5, flying commercial. My husband chasing them down to harass them.’ He added the hashtag #banalityofevil.

The pair of them, with their baby, were removed from the plane.

It’s hard to imagine more snivelling, sickening and cowardly behaviour towards a young mother as she sat quietly with her small children.

Yet it perfectly typified the vile liberal assault on Ivanka Trump from the moment her father Donald decided to run for president – an assault that has escalated dramatically since he won the race for the White House.

Let’s be absolutely clear: right now in America, an insidious, ugly and brutal war is being waged to destroy Ivanka Trump and her brand. This week, leading retailer Nordstrom confirmed it was dumping her fashion label from its stores.

It was a decision, they insisted, ‘based on the brand’s performance’.

Ivanka has refuted the company’s claim to associates, saying the decision is a purely political move and that sales of her brand had not been sagging.

Her father tweeted his fury: ‘My daughter Ivanka has been treated so unfairly by Nordstrom,’ he wrote. ‘She’s a great person – always pushing me to do the right thing! Terrible!’

Inevitably, the media tore into President Trump for this supposedly ‘unprecedented’ abuse of his office.

(They conveniently forget that President Harry S. Truman once sent a letter to a Washington Post theater critic who mocked his daughter’s performance in a concert, threatening to beat him up.)

Frankly, Trump could announce a cure for cancer tomorrow and the US media would berate him as a monster, such is the current state of toxicity between the President and the press.

What the media SHOULD have done was tear into the cowardly little toads at Nordstrom who have so spinelessly succumbed to political pressure.

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  1. Things can be a little clearer from a distance. Never cared much for the guy but he has been saying some things lately that I agree with.Got to respect that.

  2. Don’t worry. He will eventually revert to form. Pierced Organ will jump off the winning bandwagon at the first sign of trouble.

  3. My wife recently bought a few Ivanka outfits for her new job. She said she likes the style, the clothing is durable and inexpensive, perfect for work.

    So the liberals have succeeded in killing a line of clothing for working women that was affordable. Why don’t the liberals just fight for men to make more money than women? That’s what they’ve in effect done with this little outburst.

  4. There was Canadian Politician Ralph Klein who was no media friend. He said if I walked on water the headline next day would be Klein can’t swim.

  5. Morgan is still an unrepentant slimy Leftist weasel.

    But he’s also a shrewd self-promoter with a longtime survivor’s nose for which way the prevailing wind is going to blow next.

    He’s sensing that Trump is going to win the Trump Vs MSM War.
    And he wants to be securely positioned on the winning side (Trump).

  6. I wonder if the Trump children, whom I understood were registered democrats, have finally seen the light regarding their political party

  7. don’t think pierced organ has changed his spots.

    he’s auditioning for a new job.
    that’s all.

    he’s still the same old stuck dick he always was.
    he’s just saying what he thinks the majority wants to hear now.

  8. Hmmm. Many republicans are cutting up the Nordstrom cards. I’m sure Nordstrom will weather the storm. I hear they are going to replace it with a line of HRC potato sack pant suits.

  9. I think that we should welcome anyone in the media, who has seen the light, i.e. a ‘come to Jesus’ moment. Even Joe Scarborough and his ULTRA-STUPID sidekick Mika Brzezinski are sounding more even-handed… are they realizing that the future of the country is at stake and Trump/Pence are our only hope??

    God works in mysterious ways and whom He uses as his ‘vessel’ to undermine the growth of evil is not ours to fathom. Right now, Trump is that vessel.

  10. The anti-Ivanka campaign is #grabyourwallet.
    Ongoing Lefty boycott movement.

    Odd how CEOs seem so quick to comply and remove profitable product lines and vendors like Ivanka.

    The grungy unemployables who threaten to “boycott “aren’t even customers.
    Not present customers, and not likely even future.

  11. I just called and left a message for Nordstrom CEO Blake Nordstrom. I told them that I am a FORMER Nordstrom customer, that they acted in a cowardly, inappropriate way to pull Ivanka’s merchandise, that over the course of my lifetime I have spent tens of thousands of dollars at their stores and that neither me nor any members of my household will ever shop at their stores again. I said that I hope they can count on their Rack sales because the people who buy from their regular, non-discount, stores will not put up with a department store throwing their lot in with petty, anti-American, anti-1st Amendment losers who think they can intimidate and silence others unjustly.

    Have at it gang (ask the operator to connect you with any or all three of the following corp officers):

    Nordstrom, Inc. Corporate Office Address
    Nordstrom, Inc.
    1600 Seventh Avenue Suite 2600
    Seattle, Washington 98101-1707
    Contact Nordstrom, Inc.
    Phone Number: (206) 628-2111
    Fax Number: (206) 628-1795
    Website: http://www.nordstrom.com
    Email: Email Nordstrom, Inc.
    CEO: Blake W. Nordstrom
    CFO: Michael G. Koppel
    COO: Erik B. Nordstrom

  12. Sorry, it has nothing to do with him leaning right. Piers Morgan is friendly with the Trumps because of his gig on The Apprentice, I think.
    He’s liberal and just last weekend he wrote “More Americans were killed last year by toddlers with guns than by Muslim terrorists, Mr President.”

  13. And now Rep. congressman Jason Chavetz from Utah has sided with the Dems in demanding an investigation of Kellyann Conway for an ethics breech in praising Ivanka’s clothing line. When a fellow dem is under fire, they lock arms to defend them. Republicans bail at the first sign of trouble. Anyone in his district? If so email or call his office and give him hell!

  14. Never was a fan of Chaffetz. His holier than thou personality bothers me. Even when he’s right about something.
    Should KellyAnne have said, even as a joke, to screw Macy’s and go buy Ivanka’s stuff? Probably not.
    But to act like she had to be investigated and brought up on charges? Really?
    As if she was giving government contracts to Ivanka’s company or something?
    Pull the stick out of your ass already.

  15. I think Ivanka should produce a line of concealed carry undergarments. Don’t you know that would make the liberal commie twatwaffles have a shit hemorrhage!!!

  16. We are overlooking the fact that a member of a First Family actually flew coach on a Commercial flight. That’s something Hillary would never have had Chelsea do. Can you imagine Chelsea flying with The People , She’s certainly Above that.

  17. @Abigail, thanks for posting the Nordstrom contacts, I’ll be blasting them also.

    Nordstrom used to be the gold standard for retail customer service, truly outstanding people (also still true at LLBean).

    Last time I was in a Nordstrom (2015) it was just ‘meh’. Okay but no better than any other chain retail.

    It’s hard to get anything positive out of a Millenial workforce.
    Most have never seen or experienced good customer service, ever, in their short uninteresting lives.
    So they have no idea, no concept. They’ve mostly experienced only rude disrespectful cafeteria-line interactions themselves. And their TV/online culture modeling is even more rude and disrespectful. Cringeworthy.

    I’ve been in several Nordstrom Rack’s. It’s the Target crowd, single mommies/gay boys scrounging for markdown bargains before they hit TJMaxx.
    Completely different demographics from their flagship retail stores.

    Looks like Nordstrom is going to follow JCPenney down the once-great-name swirling drain.
    The Left destroys everything it touches.

  18. Piers seems to trying for a job at a real network? FNC at 1900?

    And I am told that my reliable source would “roll that model”. I am not sure what that means.

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