“Pillar Torture”: 2 birds, 1 stone

ConservativeTribune: ISIS Savages Deploy Deadly New “Pillar Torture” On 3 Prisoners … This Is Beyond SICKENING

ISIS Palmyra pillar torture

The savages that comprise the Islamic State terror group have become infamous for their tendency to devise a variety of cruel and sadistic methods with which to execute their prisoners.


They have also become known for their wanton destruction of cherished historical sites that aren’t considered Islamic.

Now the group of Islamic barbarians have combined those two traits by executing three prisoners in the ancient ruins of Palmyra, Syria. more here

20 Comments on “Pillar Torture”: 2 birds, 1 stone

  1. Savages being savages.
    Wanton destruction simply for the sake of destruction.
    ISIS, DNC, PP, EPA, IRS, #BLM – they are all overrunning with hate – pure, unadulterated, unmitigated, irrational hate.

    Satan surely stalks the Earth.

    And those of us who are aware of the Light must unite to eradicate the darkness that is smothering the Universe.

  2. Won’t it make soldiers fight harder knowing that if these animals that capture means execution in the most gruesome fashion?

    I would think most fighters facing these beast would want a suicide vest so that they could take as many of these fiends with them as possible before being taken alive.

  3. For the soldiers that are wiling to fight (or unable to avoid fighting), it will. For most of the others, it will have a tendency to make them want to flee. That’s why ISIS does these things. Because terror works.

  4. I was going to suggest the neutron bomb, but on second thought, there are no buildings worth saving over there.

  5. Judgeroybean. No,! no, no, no. Olamma doesn’t want those bad people, he only wants the Algebra professors, scientists, Surgeons, composers, inventors, engineers, architects, builders, inventors………ah…. oh…. wait a minute. Oh shit! I was thinking of Israel. My bad. Gotta stop drinking this early.

  6. We do not need the world to understand that we will be left alone; we need these bastards to understand it.
    And these Barbarians understand force only.
    Give it to them.
    And announce that all munitions made for use by US forces have been secretly dipped in pig fat since 1955.
    Next, All bodies of the terrorists killed will now on be ground up and fed to pigs.
    Your martyrdom is nullified

  7. Too quick, although visually appealing!

    Here’s an idea that comes from those animals themselves, specifically that tank number.

    The county repaved a stretch of road near my house recently. They had a nifty machine that crawled down the roadway and ground up the two? three? four? inches of pavement and the bits and pieces rode up a conveyor and into a following dump truck. Need I say more?

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