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There’s a Pink Moon tonight –

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  1. I’m feeling pretty pink and down right now, John Prine has just died at 73 from the Corona virus. I loved his music and this news makes me very sad and I want to cry, Damn you Corona Virus!

  2. geoff, you’re lucky if you’ve never experienced serious depression, really lucky if you never do

    trust me

    prine was a true talent

  3. When it turns red and the Man In The Moon is Donald Trump holding up a a “V” for a 2020 victory, call me.

  4. I first heard John Prine’s first album way back in early 1972 when I was 18, almost 19 years old. I bought the record at Meier and Frank in Portland, Oregon where I was working as a janitor at the time. I loved that album from the first time that I heard it, songs like Sam Stone, Hello In There, But Your Flag Decal Won’t Get You Into Heaven Anymore etc. all spoke to me. He was despite his raspy voice one of the best singer songwriters ever. I was fortunate enough to see him and Jerry Jeff Walker back in the late 70’s out in Cheney at the Eastern. Wash. University gym. My favorite song of his is In Spite Of Ourselves with Iris Dement, it is one of the greatest funny true love songs ever written. And All The Best from his album The Missing Years. God bless Kris Kristofferson for discovering you back in the very early 70’s, the two of you were and are truly 2 of the best singer song writers ever. Forgive me if I’m crying but I am fed up with what is happening to my country because of the Corona Virus. RIP John Prine you will be sorely missed.

  5. I’ve never listened to “Hello In There” and not felt like I should have spent more time with my grandma and grandpa. He wrote songs with some humor as well. “Sins of Memphisto” comes to mind. Lots of good songs. He was a really good song writer.

  6. Grandpa Was A Carpenter, a rollicking good song about his grandfather as well As Dear Abby, You are what you are and you ain’t what you what ain’t… Fish and Whistle and so many other good songs. Hello In There was one of the greatest songs ever written about growing old, “Please don’t pass them by as if you didn’t care stop and say hello in there, hello.” We could all use that now because we all need to each other to get thru this national crisis with out going over the deep end.

  7. First we hear Prine is gone, then we watch and sing at the moon whilst drinkin’ Johnnies (vodka and ginger ale), then marvel at severe thunderstorms, all within four hours.
    Leftie Wife and I have been politically divided for a spell.
    Tonight, not so much. We both loved John Prine.
    Last time I saw Prine live was at the Capitol Music Hall, Wheeling WV, March 07 2003. I almost was ejected for taking photographs; what the usher didn’t know was that I was wired and audio recording the show. While searching tonight for the correct date, I quickly came across the CD cover art I created for the bootleg. I have NO idea how that website got copies of it. Weird. Seems like a thousand years ago.
    And that reminded us that we love each other.

  8. I just got back inside after going out with Jameson to look for Captain Oates. The moon wasn’t pink, but it was very full and bright. Apparently, it’s called a pink moon, because a pink wildflower makes a first appearance around this of the year in some places.

  9. It ain’t such a long drop, don’t stammer don’t stutter
    From the diamonds in the sidewalk to the dirt in the gutter
    And you carry those bruises
    To remind you wherever you go.

    RIP old friend.


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