Pipeline Protesters Stand By Arrested Leader Exposed as Rapist

Owner of protest site says violent rapist was 'very honorable man,' that he would 'stand by him any day'


Environmentalists in Texas are standing by their leader even after it was revealed he had been imprisoned for various charges, including rape by force, and has been on the run from authorities for over a decade.

Protesters were shocked this week when Pedro Rabago Gutierrez, who went by Pete Hefflin while leading protests at the site of the Trans-Pecos Pipeline in West Texas, was arrested and had his criminal history and true identity exposed.

Gutierrez had not been seen since he was released on parole from California in 2002 after a long series of serious crimes. He was first imprisoned in 1984 on charges of forcible rape and drug possession with an intent to sell, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Gutierrez was released in 1990 but failed to stay out of legal trouble, according to the report. He was reimprisoned numerous times for parole violations and then convicted in 1998 for having sex with a minor. California authorities lost track of him after his 2002 parole.

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20 Comments on Pipeline Protesters Stand By Arrested Leader Exposed as Rapist

  1. Could you imagine the outcry(or the fundraising bonanza) if Jack the Ripper were found to have been reincarnated as an abortionist for PP, and he was taken into custody for the English homicides?

  2. Convicted in ’98 for sex with a minor. Paroled in 2002. That’s less than 4 years. What ever happened to 3 strikes you’re out? If that minor he had sex with in ’98 had been my daughter, it would have been the last person he would have ever had sex with.

  3. Force? As in Star Wars “Force”?

    Seriously, any rape is force. Disgusting.

  4. If you read the post from MJA yesterday about the Leftist who converted and then wrote about what the Left’s ideology is all about, then you understand that it’s not about what this degenerate pervert did (or will probably do again). It’s that the Left loves the guy and what he stands for, so no evil makes any difference to them — or really even exists so far as they are concerned. The comments in his defense reveal this. I would bet that even if it was one of their own children who was molested by this guy, they would be silent about it.

  5. Is this another of obama’s released-from-prison-into-the-workforce-as-a-hired-protestor?

    I was hoping he could come and insulate my house!

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