Pirate Hymn

I never knew there was a church hymn that sounds a lot like something that might be song on the high seas. Anyone know what piece this comedian, Steve Soelberg, is talking about? The stuff we sung in the Lutheran Church of my youth was never this interesting. Watch

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  1. I have always enjoyed The Arrogant Worms’ “Pirate on the North Saskatchewan” from the early 90’s. Love the chorus of “Screw the GST!” – a sentiment many a Canadian feels.

  2. LDS church ‘who’s on the Lord’s side, who?’ sung it many times, but never thought of it as a pirate hymn.

  3. Aargh! Research into Dr. Taargh’s Question:

    The Tune this guy uses is “A Life on the Rolling Waves” written in 1838 to be the march of the Merchant Marine https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Life_on_the_Ocean_Wave

    And sung here as part of the Pirates of the Carribean LP record (which I used to have!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wcw-h2KGqIg

    BUTT, if you go to “Hymnary.org” you will find the lyrics to “Who is on the Lord’s Side” written in 1877. A convenient MIDI file is attached if you want to listen to the original tune. https://hymnary.org/text/who_is_on_the_lords_side_who_will_serve

    Somebody evidently realized that the meter of the lyrics could be transposed over the “Rolling Sea” tune and thus, a Comedy Act was born. There’s another guy who does this. Tim Hawkins took a modern Christian tune and set it to Led Zeppelin. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3A5AmIcFWKw

    Okay. That is all I have for today. Hope I haven’t bored you. I am such a nerd!

  4. Lyrics to the LDS Version:

    Music for LDS Version:

    PS If you can’t always find the words on a YouTube video presentation, you can usually find them somewhere else. I just opened both of these links in separate tabs, went to the music tab and started the player and then went to the lyrics site and opened it to follow along. Dr. Tar’s link above ^^^ is an entirely different hymn, which I must admit, I have never heard before. It’s quite nice. There are several versions of THAT one on YouTube. Thanks, Dr. Tar! I’ve had fun with this little mystery.


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